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Statements to the UFO Community
from numerous Brazilian UFOlogists


Additional Report from
Dwight Connelly - MUFON Journal Editor

Report and Disclosure of Brazil's UFO Sect
Photos, Information on Brazil's Urandir Oliveira "Project Portal (Vestibule)"

The public deserves the truth - the whole truth and nothing less.
Why people in Brazil are seriously calling Urandir's Project Portal another
Jim Jones "Jonestown" and another "Heaven's Gate"

Urandir and his sect followers near his compound in Corguinho Brazil.
Photo provided by A.J. Gevaerd - Editor of Revista UFO Magazine.

Multi building UFO sect compound of "Project Portal" - an enterprise of selling land for salvation by ETs in Brazil.

Why do other reports not show the multi-million dollar compound of Urandir Olivera
- a so called reported "humble farmer" in which it is reported his goal is to farm organic food?
Photos provided by A.J. Gevaerd and as published in Revista UFO Magazine.

Project Portal's website showing additional photos of Urandir.
(Please note not a single photo or link mentions organic food)


Jonestown massacre Nov. 18 1978, photo from CNN.
Over 912 people died of which 280 were children.

Letters and Statements to the UFO Community

Dozens of Brazilian Researchers, Media and Citizens Statements
who publicly denounce Urandir Oliveira
Click here for full statements

Among the published complaints are reports like the one from
Fernando Goncalves da Silva, from Santo Andr.
He says that on 12th of October he went to Corguinho with his daughter
"to the alleged close encounters people say happens there".
According to him, after spending an average of R$ 400,00 (a little more than US$100.00)
a person to stay in a "precarious camping site",
only to witness what "was a illusionist's show, with laser canons in countdown, done by Urandir and his followers.
Flying Saucers were not seen even in dreams.
" Comparing the alleged paranormal to Jim Jones, Fernando shows how worried he is:
"I warn you, besides this all, the authorities about crime against public economy
and charlatanism from that gentleman,
in order to combat a sect like Jim Jones', which took, years ago, 900 people to suicide.
Mr. Urandir abuses poor and
innocent people, and in his lectures in Sao Paulo he charges R$ 60,00 per person,
in sessions of pure dumbness. His right place is in jail.
His contacts are fake and I could check that!" - Fernando Goncalves da Silva

Isolated city, security guards, intimidation, fear, abuse, death threats, promises of salvation to another planet
were all used at "Jonestown" - not unlike what is happening at Urandir's "Project Vestibule (Portal)" isolated compound in Brazil.

Information from

House of Representitives Report on Jonestown
Findings May 15, 1979
Tactics of Jim Jones

Tactics Comparison

Jim Jones "Jonestown"
Information quoted from the House of Rep. report
Urandir Oliveira's "Project Portal"
Information quoted from published statements

Isolatated Camp - a "city" - Jonestown started out as "trying to house the homeless in the Bay area", moved to Guyana and became "Isolation from all vestiges of former life, including and especially all sources of information" [and was comprised of mostly poor blacks].

"This [the massacre] wouldn't have happened if they hadn't been so isolated," - Dr. J. thomas Ungerleider of the UCLA neuropsychiatric Institute. "With no feedback from the outside world you can do incredible things with peer pressure. Paranoia becomes a useful tool. It's a binding force. With it, you'll engage in peer-pressure activities even more".

Photo of Jonestown's Pavilion


Isolated Camp - a "city" "Project Portal" in remote area of Brazil located "near a modest rural property about 100km Campo Grande city, in a place called Colônia Boa Sorte (Good Luck Colony); a small town composed exclusively by black people descendants of slaves."

"I, that already I have health problems, came back worse of the one than I was, therefore I slept in the soil and I ate badly. He did not have nor water to take bath ", complains Maria Ines.

Photo of "Project Portal" and its
multiple communal buildings which includes
a communal kitchen.

Savior of his established city - "substituting himself [Jim Jones] as the single source of all knowledge, wisdom, and information"

"And what Jim promised would happen with that money is that he was creating a promised land, sort of a retirement colony for all of us, that we'd leave the racism of the United States and go to a wonderful paradise." - Deborah Layton, former follower

Savior of his established city - Urandir claims salvation through him if you buy property and stay near him for his developing "Project Portal" - City of ETs, you will be saved by the ETs during Armageddon.

False claims of healing - "he [Jim Jones] exerted mental pressures on his followers which he subsequently relieved in an effort to demonstrate and establish his omnipotent "powers." For example, he inculcated fictional fears which he would eventually counterpoint and dispel and thereby establish himself as a "savior."

"According to cult defectors, Jones gained an estimated following of 20,000 by staging faith healings." - Washington Post reporter Charles Krause.

False claims of healing
"..said that he [Urandir] could cure AIDS and cancer, that he [Urandir] could ressuscitate dead people and could perform other phenomenons."
Practiced faith healing.
Claims craters on land have healing waters.

Urandir Oliveira demonstrating his claimed
faith healing on a a Brazilian TV show.

Threats and Rumor Spreading
"Rumor spreading in an attempt to ruin reputations or generally implant disinformation, thereby making true facts difficult if not impossible to establish"

Threats and Rumor Spreading
"...As it always is surrounded by its [Urandir's]men, he does not give to question. The reaction of it to any signal of diffidence is threat in threat top ", accuses Elaine (full story below) - Istoe Online magazine


Media and Political Attention - "Intense public relations efforts ranging from letter-writing campaigns to attempted control of news media in an effort to influence public opinion with a favorable image of People's Temple; like-wise, an aggressive program of seeking out political leaders and other influential members of a community in order to cull their favor and establish identification with them. "


Media and Political Attention - Appearing weekly on a TV "Brasil Verdade". Soliciting US media attention by sending out photos of a bedsheet and a story of an alleged abduction. Paying for US "Journalists" to investigate the claim. Culling the favors of local political officials.

Rice and bean diet

"22. The food was woefully inadequate. There was rice for breakfast, rice water soup for lunch, and rice and beans for dinner. On Sunday, we each received an egg and a cookie. Two or three times a week we had vegetables. Some very weak and elderly members received one egg per day. However, the food did improve markedly on the few occasions when there were outside visitors....

24. In Febuary, 1978, conditions had become so bad that half of Jonestown was ill with severe diarrhea and high fevers. I was seriously ill for two weeks. Like most of the other sick people, I was not given any nourishing foods to help recover. I was given water and a tea drink until I was well enough to return to the basic rice and beans diet. ...

Some of the money was being used to build a settlement that would earn Rev. Jones the place in history with which he was so obsessed...

- Deborah Layton, from book "Seductive Poison" former Jim Jones follower

Control - rice and bean diet
It has been stated by people in the commune that there is a central kitchen that serves beans and rice.


Fear of Armageddon and "advice" from Extraterrestrials - He [Jim Jones] also suffered from mysterious fainting spells, heeded advice from extraterrestrials, practiced faith healing, and experienced visions of nuclear holocaust. Certain that Armageddon was imminent... " ²

Fear of Armageddon and "advice" from Extraterrestrials

"...the City of ETs [Project Vestibule (Portal)] would be one of the few refuges of the Earth that would be safe, with abundance of victuals, solemnity subsistence and good astral, after the planet, according to Urandir, had his axis' rotation altered and the seas moved forward the continents. "There we will be safe and we will still receive visits from ours space-brothers, that will start to live together with us ", alleged Urandir ..." - Revista UFO Magazine

Agricultural Project - Jonestown started out as an ideal city.

The sign that greets visitors to Jim Jone's Jonestown commune. Jonestown started out as a people's community "Agricultural Project"

- photo on book cover of "Seductive Poison" by Debra Layton, former follower of Jim Jones.

Agricultural Project - Claims of being a "humble farmer" and starting an organic farm.

Gate and sign at entrance of Project Portal "city"

"Project Portal (Vestibule)"
- the sign that greets visitors to Urandir Olivera's commune.
Note "Projeto PORTAL" is in large white lettering imprinted on the building sign noticable to any person or journalist entering the area. Urandir also claims to be a farmer to grow organic food - another Agricultural "Project".

Center house for Preaching
Jim Jones had his followers meet him at the Pavilion - an open center house sometimes calling people over a loudspeakerto gather in the middle of the night. These would be called "White nights".
Center house for Preaching
Urandir speaks to his followers with a microphone in one of his shelters.

Looking at the tactics as described by the U.S. House of Representitives in their report on Jonestown,
one can be disturbed at the similarities.
One could say the Project Portal compound is a template of the Jim Jones "Jonestown" compound.

The Brazilian Bedsheet Hoax

8/23/03 - MUFON finally admits Brazilian Case was a Hoax

Below article From the August 2003 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal
Many thanks to A.J. Gevaerd and Eustáquio Andréa Patounas and all the Brazilian UFOologists who stand up for the truth.

Note: The Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group is an independant group not associated, affiliated or
governed by MUFON or any person/organization.

"Research on the alleged abductee, the physical "evidence," and the investigative procedures clearly indicate that the Urandir case is a hoax, as originally reported by [A.J.] Gevaerd."

"Not only is the physical evidence in this case of little consequence, the investigation itself and the reporting of the research on the physical items is also flawed. Ms. Howe went only to the alleged abductee and his supporters to obtain information and physical samples [from] the same group of biased individuals who paid for her trip."

- Dwight Connelly MUFON UFO Journal editor, Aug. 2003 Issue

Click Here for full Report



Photos show two different images with different markings
of Urandir Olivera's alleged abduction

Photo analysis in bedsheets show two different markings and
pillows were switched.
Significant because Urandir and followers claimed to have not touched the bed and
sealed off the room for investigation immediately after the alleged abduction in Sept. 2002.
Furniture added behind the bed indicate the room has been altered or the bed of this alleged abduction
has been moved to a different room.

Left photo -Initial photo released of a supposed abduction in September 2002
(posted and dated photo can also be seen at
- a matter of record.)

Right photo - later photo of bedsheet talken by Linda Moulton Howe in Feb. of 2003.

Details of legs on first released photo in Sept. 2002 compared to detail of legs in Feb. of 2003 show two
very different bedsheet impressions.
Note marks on right leg now show the underlying mattress.

Photos show different pillows were used
Different marks, different position that photo lighting cannot explain.

Left Photo - Detail of pillows released Sept. 2002. Note the position of the two
pillows and the significant burn-like marks on the bottom pillow including a tear.
Right photo - Detail of pillow taken in Feb. of 2003. Note different position and
completely different marks. Obviously two different pillows.

Detail of pillows taken in Feb. of 2003. Note different position and
different marks from Sept. 2002 photo.

Note: Obvious details of hoaxing that have not been mentioned before by recent "investigators".
1. The bedsheet image is dramatically different in later
photos, (especially the ripped sheet area in the later photo of both legs).
Marks on bed of supposed abduction have been later reported by former employees at Urandir's
compound to have been made by a torch.
2. The pillows have changed and the marks are different.
3. A wardrobe or bookcase has been placed behind the bed frame in the room.
The bed was initially flush against the white wall and in a room claimed to have been sealed.
4. Also, it has been highly debated if Urandir could have left testical impressions given he states he was wearing his undershorts
and the marks on the bedsheets are only where he claimed in his report his skin made contact.


Photo analysis done by Charlette LeFevre - B.A. Research Wright State University, three year member
Ohio Academy of Science.

Photo of Urandir next to his besheet impression. Analysis of torso show that the torso length does
not match body impression on bedsheet - a difference of almost half even taking into account photo perspective
distortion and foreshortening.
Green line is physical torso length. Blue line is bedsheet torso measurement.
Photos of Urandir lying next to his alleged abduction impression were said to have been taken.
Why haven't we seen these photos for scientific analysis and comparison?

Detail comparison of images

Left Photo - Detail of image on bedsheet on first released photos in Sept. 2002
Note: lighting and angle are similar to later photo yet marks are different. Pillows and
their positions have changed relative to arm and side of bed.
Middle Photo - photo of bed taken by Linda Moulten Howe in Feb. of 2003.
Note: Right image shows an alltogether different pillow and marks.
Far Right - photo of ceiling released in Sept. 2002.
Impression on ceiling and bed have do not match or align - not even close.

Photos show documented history of arrest involving
fraud in exploiting the UFO belief.

Photo by Zero Hora newspaper, published in Brazilian UFO Magazine.

"Paulistan is arrested with the charges of selling land for a city for ETs
Monday 27, March 2000, 10h50min Paulistan Urandir
Fernandes de Oliveira, also known as UFO, will be indicted
charged with fraud and ideological falseness. He was arrested
last Sunday in Porto Alegre, charged of selling illegal lots in the
town of Corguinho, in Mato Grosso do Sul, where he had plans
to build a city to receive extraterrestrial. Urandir is in jail at
17º Civil Police Sation in the "gaucho" capital.. Three hours and
a half after being arrested by the police, Oliveira talked to
Zero Hora newspaper in the Marshal Jorge Mafra's office, at 17ª DP...."
Photos by Zero Hora Newspaper provided by A.J. Gevaerd and Brazilian UFO Group
Full Newsarticle from Zero Hora Newspaper (below).

Urandir Oliveira confirmed himself his additional arrest with Zero Hora Newspaper.

".....ZH: Did you ever had trouble with the police?
Oliveira: No. Once I was arrested because of a domestic fight
with my ex-wife with another woman, but there was nothing."....
- Zero Hora Newspaper, March 27, 2000

Legal documents and more information can be found posted at

Documents posted in UFO Magazine. In Portugese concerning "Projeto Portal".

"Urandir was shackled and arrested in Porto Alegre, on March 26, 2000. His prison was decreed
by a judge and executed by the police of the 17th District of the Police of that city.
...Arrest involved Lawyer Nicolau Borges Lütz Netto that represents countless victims of Urandir that acquired
of the unlikely contacted irregular lands in a property called "the city of the Ets"."

"Akashic" records

One of hundreds of manufactured "Akashic" record rocks sold by Urandir
if you are "chosen" to dig up from local caves.

Caves - claimed "extraterrestrial entrances" created by contractors
which have admitted and reported to A.J. Gevaerd as manufactured by them.

Urandir touching his ear reported to be a signal for associates
hiding in the tall grass to turn on fake UFO lights

It has been reported by Brazilian UFOlogists that Urandir has a system of touching his ear
after placing his hand to his head in meditation
to signal friends hiding in the grass area to turn on lights.
Right Photo - Urandir giving a lecture to his followers. Former followers charge Uranir is too much like Jim Jones.

"Healing" Craters

Visitors pay to go to "pituitary craters" for healing.
These "natural" craters are reported to have been created by backhoes
by Urandir and filled with rain water.

Former "Project Portal" followers speak out!
From Isto On Line Magazine


"...Elaine: "Everything has price there" The rocks, that of fact remember the format of a flying record,
are spread by all the Country. They are led by people who, after to pass for preparatory courses,
rescue to the Vestibule. These visitors are arregimentados by followers of Urandir, that today
keeps nuclei of its project in Belo Horizonte (MG), Curitiba (PR), Jaraguá of Sul (SC), Porto Alegre (RS),
Rio De Janeiro (RIO DE JANEIRO), São Paulo (SP), Victory (ES) and Natal (RN).
"Everything has price.
When it uses its tricks, Urandir alone thinks about pulling out money of the people ", affirms
secretary Elaine Sabaliauskas, former-namorada of guru. "Now it is dividing land into parcels
an agricultural area and vendendo lands of 800 square meters, but the purchasers do not
turn nor the color the writing. As it always is surrounded by its men, he does not give to question.
The reaction of it to any signal of diffidence is threat in threat top ", accuses Elaine..."

Full story below.

"Urandir already sold more than a thousand lands, but most of the buyers at least has no idea
where they are. And none of them is going to receive one day the writing of the lands", to the
Revista UFO Márcio Uller, that worked in the project for more than one year and was
dismissed without any payment or compensation.

Note: Please see below articles for futher statements from former sect members.

Those round rocks that supposedly fell from the sky?

"The rocks that Urandir presents as sent for extraterrestrial are common in the immediacy of the mountain range of Maracaju,
whose more visible mount is of Is Sebastião, neighbor to the Vestibule. "Even so they have sufficiently exotic format,
these rocks have a natural geologic origin. They are sandstone rocks with high degree of iron "
- Local Archaeologist Gilson Martins, of the Federal University of the Mato Grosso
Istoe On Line Magazine

According to reports from A.J. Gevaerd - Editor and UFOlogist in Brazil, Urandir sells these unusual rocks for as much as $50 a rock and has
documented statements and photos of the contractors that gather them up for Urandir to sell.

From Ray Stanford
" They [the stones] are of terrestrial origin but are definitely not of volcanic origin, as hypothesized or otherwise.
On Linda's own website, one can see the thin sedimentary layers indicating slow deposition over a long period,
in water. Over extended periods, the sand grains are 'glued' together both by natural silica deposition and by
iron oxide - in this case, evidently, the in-water excretion of ferrophagic (iron eating) bacteria. As the colony of
ferrophagic bacteria grows (sometimes around a piece of organic debris, but potentially around almost anything),
water current 'eddies' create low-level circulation around the colony, creating an expanding, circular cavity into
which it continues to grow as silica (both colloidially deposited and as sand grains, from above) and iron build
peripherally, from above (hence, the layering). In that way, across time there is formed a sometimes very
UFO- shaped (bi-convex disc, or even spherical) concretion of purely terrestrial origin.
This can occur anywhere in the world where there is the right water chemistry, temperature range, and bacterial environment.
The process is somewhat more complex than the basics explained here, but I suspect this is about all list
readers will want or need.
The Brazilian stones are, in fact, quite similar to some of the concretions from
the USA that are sold as "Boji stones" at mineral, gem, and fossil shows all over the USA. Most of them are
formed in the way described. A geologist may understand very little about such petrogenesis, dealing as they
generally do with only much larger scale processes and rock masses. On the other hand, such is more the
province of specialists in petrology, per se, although many petrologists deal almost exclusively with larger
scale rock masses, their formation processes, and potential economic value. "

- Ray Stanford
Author " Socorro Saucer in a Pentagon Pantry"
"You know my method. It is founded upon the observance of trifles." -- Sherlock Holmes in The Boscombe Valley Mystery

Dead cows?

Cows that Urandir claimed died from an atomic bomb like explosion
A.J. Gevaerd investigated in the area along with a news crew and found these cows very much alive.

Letters and Statements to the UFO Community

Dozens of Brazilian Researchers, Media and Citizens Statements
who publicly denounce Urandir Oliveira
Click here for full statements

UFO Study Group of Baixada Santista
Célia B. S. H.- former follower
Claudeir Covo - Brazilian UFOlogist
Paola Lucherini Covo - Brazilian UFOlogist
Doraci Alves Cunha - former land owner
A.J. Gevaerd - Brazilian UFOlogist, Editor Revista UFO Magazine
Rodolfo Heltai
- Brazilian UFOlogist
Lucia Menta - Infinite TV
Jeferson Martinho Portal/Revista Vigilia - Editor
Lütz Netto - Urandir's former Lawyer
Julieta Paraíso- former follower
Rodrigo Branco Radio
Wendell Stein - UFOlogist, Researcher
Thiago Luiz Ticchetti President - Brazilian Organization of Extraterrestrial Research

Response to 6/6/03 Earthfiles Report on the Scientific Analysis
of Samples Related to the Corguinho, Brazil Event

by Phyllis Budinger, Analytical Scientist. June 7, 2003

From Phyllis A. Budinger Analytical Scientist
June 9, 2003
To The UFO Community

On 6/6/2003 presented a 4-part report on the scientific analysis of samples
resulting from the controversial Corguinho, Brazil purported abduction. I spent considerable time
analyzing samples from this event. Clearly, the Earthfiles report necessitates a response from myself.
Attached to this message is the commentary. For those who are averse to opening attachments on Emails,
this response will also appear on and Additionally, the Rense website
will also present my well-referenced 40 page analytical report documenting Nick Reiter's and my results.
You are most welcome to pass along this message to anyone you think may be interested.

Phyllis A. Budinger Analytical Scientist

Speaking out to protect consumers and to create awareness of a UFO cult.

Dr. Roger Leir introducing A.J. Gevaerd at the Third Annual Northwest UFO and Paranormal Conference in Seattle.
A.J. Gevaerd showing a photo of Urandir in Jail for fraud. Photo of Urandir from Zero Hora Newspaper.
Conference Photos by Ray-Paul Neilson and Charlette LeFevre

A. J. Gevaerd - Editor of Revista UFO Magazine, Founder and Director of the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research (CBPDV), Brazilian Director for Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and one of the Intl. Directors of the U.S. International UFO Congress. In 1986, A.J. Gevaerd quit his career as a Chemistry teacher to devote full time to research of UFOs. Founder of the Brazil's only UFO Magazine for 19 years, A.J. has been its Editor of one of the long-lasting magazines about UFOlogy in the world. A.J. is also Founder and Director of the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research (CBPDV) one of the largest organization in South America, with over 3,300 members. A.J. has been a field investigator 29 years and for the past 18 years the only UFO researcher in Brazil exclusively devoted full-time to the study of the UFO Phenomenon. Respected as a national and international lecturer, A. J. has spoken in dozens of cities in his country and in other 29 countries around the world. In 1983, he was appointed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek to be the representative of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in Brazil. A.J Gevaerd is also one of the International Directors of the Annual International UFO Congress.

News articles, photos, postings and testamonies on Brazil's Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira - his well known Project (Portal) Vestibule selling land for salvation by ETs - and why Brazilian UFOlogists for years have been calling him the world's greatest UFO hoaxer and exploiter of the UFO belief.

Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group's comment:

The Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group has looked into these reports of abuse and threats and have heard from half a dozen UFOlogists in Brazil including A.J. Gevaerd, Editor of Revista UFO Magazine who lives near the isolated compound and we find the information extremely disturbing - so much so that we responsibly support disclosure of this UFO sect for public awareness and consumer reporting.

It is our intention that another Jim Jones or Heaven's Gate never happen again - not on our shift. It is not a matter of waiting until there is a mass suicide when there are already reports of abuse, fraud and intimidation expoiting the UFO belief. We would have found it reprehensible to promote in any way such a UFO cult or investigators supporting this cult whether knowingly or hugely irresponsible at any of our conferences. We have stated we do not run our lectures and events based on promotion of hoaxes and sensationism at the cost of others and exploiting the UFO belief. Past comments of intimidation by investigators have not been appreciated. The Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group is an independant group and is not governed or regulated by any other UFO organization and is based on the freedom of speech.
Hence, although it may not be popular with media, we do find it responsible to present reports from respected investigators and give them a fair format and knowing now of this UFO cult to create awareness. We don't mind standing in the truth.

Investigating, reporting or discussing cases involving Urandir and failing to disclose Urandir's ENTIRE background, this well known reported Project Vestibule, (Portal) the UFO sect and claims of healing in the public's best interest we feel could potentially further mislead and harm innocent people and further exploit the UFO field.

- Charlette LeFevre
President Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group

"The First Amendment is not a suicide pact." - Psychiatrist and Cult Expert John Clark

Below are just a few of the many dozens of references and articles that can be found on the internet from mulitiple news sources with a simple internet search of Urandir. These articles documenting the abuses from former sect followers go back years and are from responsible journalists, well established newspapers and respected UFO investigators - people who already believe in the possibility of Extraterrestrials. We encourage people to check out and verify the information from multiple sources themselves. Several articles have been compiled here for ease of reading in English.

Massive Desertions From the Largest Brazilian UFO Cult -
June 4, 2003

The Projeto Portal (Gateway Project) cult created and directed by the biggest Brazilian UFO hoaxer of all time, Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, is about to collapse. Over the past few days details of Fernandes de Oliveira's scams became known to hundreds of members of the group, causing many of its main supporters to noisily defect. Some are very angry at its founder and want reimbursement of payments made for "special alien teachings and wisdom", offered by the Project and his owner. The Gateway Project and Urandir have been trying to extend their activities towards the US and other countries, through the release over the internet of several information of sensational abduction stories and fabricated UFO crashes at Fernandes de Oliveira's and his co-worker's properties. All the stories have been unanimously rejected by the entire Brazilian UFO community for the last 7 years. Last February, journalist Linda Moulton Howe came to Brazil was invited by and interviewed Fernandes de Oliveira, the alleged contactee, who has been claiming to be "chosen by ETs to guide Earth's people fates". She is presenting several of his stories at

The question of Fernandes de Oliveira's hoaxing is a past issue, as Brazilian UFO researchers have long proved the illegitimacy of his alleged cases. The most outrageous hoax perpetrated by him has been largely exposed on the internet by several Brazilian and US investigators and by me, personally, at the 3rd Seattle UFO and Paranormal Convention, in May. Now, the people abandoning the Gateway Project have also denounced his activities as fraudulent and giving new details of the sting. The last big scam fabricated by Fernandes de Oliveira was the abduction he claimed to have had in September 2002, which supposedly left strange marks on the bed sheets and ceiling of the bedroom where he was sleeping. Intriguing photos were posted all over the internet. Although details of the fabrication have been made public before, the former supporters of the Project have released more info of how the marks were produced. While visiting in Brazil last April, Californian DPM Dr. Roger Leir collected, from several UFO researchers, information that the marks (that can be seen at LMH's website) were made by using an iron. This info is now considered inaccurate. According to new reports, Fernandes de Oliveira and his employees faked the marks using a torch. Strangely, the marks have been considered "very unusual" by specialist Mr. Levengood, who examined samples collected by Linda Moulton Howe. All new information is being carefully gathered and will be presented to the Brazilian and US UFO communities, in order to help investigators naively supporting a case that is considered to be the biggest UFO scam ever in the UFO field, worldwide.

- A. J. Gevaerd, editor Brazilian UFO Magazine

Video of A.J. Gevaerd's presentation at the Third Annual Northwest UFO Conference available soon which includes photos, statements from locals and the disclosure of Urandir's "Project Portal" compound.
e-mail for information, video available at cost for showing to your group or organization.

Collection of Newsarticles, Comments from Researchers and former sect members:

Zero Hora Newspaper (in English below)
Paulistan Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira
is arrested with the charges of selling land for a city for ETs Monday 27, March 2000, 10h50min

UFO Brazil Magazine

"...The minor Alfonso C. N. was taken in the col for its mother, with immense sacrifice, since its city in the north of Minas Gerais until Corguinho. To all, to arrive at the property of Urandir, the ill minor with leukemia supported 50 hours of trip more than, and its mother almost invested to R$ 900,00 in expenditures of buses and lodging, beyond R$ 500,00 charged by Urandir to make the supposed cure. "It was not nor two minutes with the boy and already he left the room saying that my son was cured" . Therefore Alfonso continues with its problem of health and now aggravated. Its family saw in apuros for having invested what she could not in the hope of that Urandir was really one chosen of ETs to cure people. Everything does not pass of an unforgivable blow against people of good-faith and desperate by some alento that induces them to be felt better. An entrepreneur Carioca pensioner also passed for similar constaint, but, in its in case that, he had the illusion of cure kept for some months for Urandir, that always bound and asked as it was its state of health. To the end of each linking, Urandir simulated to make a telepática transmission of energy and guarantee that the lawyer would go to be good readily. After that, it asked for a small payment to it for the treatment. "To all, Urandir took me R$ 12 a thousand more than, always with its colloquy of that the money would be used in the construction of a clinic for treatment of sick people" , the lawyer said. "In the truth, what it wanted is to pull out the money maximum and deceived me the time all" . The lawyer breached with its healer, but not without before trying to recover its money, without success. These three situations are between refined sets of ten in last the two years. The depositions of the victims of Urandir are kept together the vast volume of evidences of its activities of charlatanism, in our archives..."

Bogus UFO Contactee Prepares To Flee Brazil, 11/19/00

Controversy Over Brazil Abductee's Story 12/15/02

A. J. Gevaerd - Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine National Director Mutual UFO Network Director, International UFO Congress

Publication Department and Specialized Translation Director - EBE-ET


Four years ago, a person named Urandir Fernades de Oliveira, appeared on the Brazilian ufologic scenario saying that he was able to contact with extraterrestrials beings, took a ride on board of the UFOs many times, and those beings had given to him paranormal powers. He never proof it. It is inside of this scenario that the alleged contacted claims that he is friend of the aliens beings, included the strange and mythological Ashtar Sheran, whose story Urandir took from others that, since 40 years ago say the same. By the way, Urandir has been being worth of the experiences - many times real - from others people. The most flagrant case is of Mr. Lucio Barbosa, a former teacher in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul State. Was Lucio the first one who Urandir looked for to learn more about UFO 4 years ago, when he came to Mato Grosso: "Since then, Urandir did not know nothing about UFOs, and claimed to me that never have had any experience with aliens beings", said Lucio to the Revista UFO (edition nr 56, January 1998) Lucio lived in a modest rural property about 100km Campo Grande city, in a place called Colônia Boa Sorte (Good Luck Colony); a small town composed exclusively by black people descendants of slaves. He taught in a small local school and alphabetized adults and children, taking a good life, for option, far away from the civilization. Lucio already came making it for almost one decade, period in that had the chance to observe strange night lights in the beautiful skies of the area. By the way, he was not the only one. One day, such facts attracted the onlookers' attention, among them Urandir, that went until the colony to know the teacher and to try to observe the ships that he affirmed to see. Well then, it was there that the "Urandir phenomenon" began. Most of all the stories that Urandir tells about his past of contacts is the copy of the histories that Lúcio lived and that it entrusted to the new friend, without imagining that that will assimilate everything so quickly. The Revista UFO magazine has been documenting the Lucio's histories more than five years, reproduced later on with some make-up by Urandir and boasted as belonging to him, that at least two years before Urandir to present them in the TV as being yours. That chosen has the audacity of describing as yours a contact history with aliens that Lucio had when he was 13 years old. The idea to create more visuals phenomenons and to move forward in the filed of the cures, however, the contacted supposition acquired in the last three years. Knowing what afflicted people were looking for, specially the poorer, he proposed to come as possessor of the talent of the cure. To improve his image of miraculous healer, he makes magic tricks without connection with the situation, just shown to distract. "My cures were already proven by the science", he insists. But he never proved anything. He was the "star" of a TV Show called Brasil Verdade (True Brazil), where made magic tricks, claimed that he had powers to cure people, to make to appear crystals in his head, to transform metals in gold, to resurrect killed and to cure the AIDS. Urandir learned a lot with Lúcio Barbosa. He read many books about UFOs and aliens and it improved his lying stories.


Since 1997 the magazine UFO comes informing the inexhaustible capacity of production of ufologic facts of the solemnity-denominated contacted Urandir Fernades de Oliveira regularly, today the most notorious of all the characters that was already combated by the Brazilian ufologic community. The activities of the referred citizen, that is founder of the project Portal, were initiate about 7 years ago and can already be characterized as the most imaginative and badly servant ufologic repertoire set up in any part of the world to get personal benefits through the phenomenon UFO. Now, they turned case of police. Urandir was shackled and arrested in Porto Alegre, on March 26, 2000. His prison was decreed by a judge and executed by the police of the 17th District of the Police of that city. Weigh against him countless accusations among them the one of faith healing and quackery, swindle and ideological falsehood. For not having fixed residence or defined profession, and for his displacement easiness and possibility of eventual escape, the judge understood that Urandir should be available to the Justice so that the pending facts are clear on him. The fuse of the prison was lit by the lawyer Nicolau Borges Lütz Netto that represents countless victims of Urandir that acquired of the unlikely contacted irregular lands in a property called "the city of the Ets".

Lütz Netto tried to negotiate in a friendly way with the prisoner, in the expectation of seeing it reimburse the people that bought the illegal lands, without writing nor any other form of appropriate legal documentation. Urandir ignored the solicitations, he mocked of the justice and, in subject of hours, he was arrested. The referred citizen, as know all the readers of the magazine UFO, alleges openly and shamelessly to have special powers, gave to him by extraterrestrials beings, to attract ships and to do them to land in his property in Corguinho, municipal district at 70km of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul state. It is there that his project works and where is located the imaginary city of the Ets. His allegations, however, do not find the minimum back in fact, since he would never have gotten really the fact before people that had capacity to distinguish the cash landing of an alien ship of maneuvers with pens laser and mile lights, instruments that him and his employees use to deceive the dozens of thousands of people that seek him. It is that work that Urandir uses to attract the his followers' attention and to animate them they acquire it the illegal lands. Many already made it. Among the most absurd statements and lies of the supposed paranormal, that it comes if running out to submit to an analysis and rigid researches around his alleged powers, exists an entangled of lies to his followers, especially, and to Brazilian Ufologia in general.

In popular programs like the infamous Brasil Verdade, already former-dyed, or the Programa do Ratinho, Urandir guaranteed to have the capacity to speak in languages of extra-terrestrial. He also affirmed to make trips the other worlds a hour in that well understood. Finally, completing yours manufactured repertoire, he insisted for the fact that himself would be an alien embodied in the Earth, whose mission would be to alert the Humanity and to save some of his members. Of course would survive mainly the inhabitants of his extraterrestrial city... While his placements don't pass of subterfuges to bargain some points in the audience of those programs and even certain point is inoffensive for the Brazilian population, some of the declarations and acts that he developed after achieving the fame and the national knowledge they are concern reason and they constitute serious aggressions to the law and the morality, as now it was proven.

Among such declarations, Urandir started to guarantee to his followers - and with that he got still more followers - to be capable to cure any types of illnesses that have, until the most serious, as cancer, leukemia and even AIDS. He alleges the unlikely contacted to be possible that, just with the touch of his hands, he gets to extract people's cerebral tumors from people that thought would die. Not satisfied with greats lies , Urandir published in his site in the Internet, removed of the air after the accusation that this author did in the program Paulo Lopes in the TV, of the Rede Bandeirantes television, on February 2nd 2000, to be able to resuscitate people, bringing them of what he calls fourth dimension. Urandir got out to announce such a fact in his countless courses in Brazil, as documented in video by the Revista UFO magazine. In certain events that made, such citizen explains how he is able of such feat and he alleges that received the power to revive people directly of his extraterrestrial friends, that saw in the more practice a chance of Urandir to complete yours mentioned mission in the Earth. His allegations and practices, as you see, are clearly excuses and highly reprovable. But nevertheless Urandir got to attract about 78.000 Brazilians, who pay his bills.

The quackery practice and faith healing is clearly seeing in the actions that Urandir accomplishes without punishment at least four years. In that period, thousands of people with the most several - and sometimes serious - illnesses to look for him innocently to relief for their suffering. Nobody was assisted free, and although paying - and well - for the faith healing, nobody was never cured of nothing some. There are cases, however, of people that were guided by Urandir to stop the use of medications after they have been treated by him, and that they had their problems worsened. The supposed paranormal sees that naturally. " To be cured, you have to have good energy and to be in harmony with the Martians ", said Urandir Maria das Graças, from the city of Novo Hamburgo, state of Rio Grande do Sul, that paid R$ 300,00 for a consultation and she continues even today with terrible headaches.

The young Afonso C. N. was taken in the glue of his mother, with immense sacrifice, from his city in the north of Minas Gerais to the city of Corguinho. To the whole, to arrive to the property of Urandir, the little sick boy with leukemia supported more than 50 hours of trip, and his mother invested almost R$ 900,00 in bus expenses and lodging, besides R$ 500,00 collected by Urandir to do the assume cure. " He was not nor two minutes with the boy and he already left the room saying that my son was cured ". But Afonso continues with his problem of health and now worsened. His family saw themselves in difficulties for having invested what could not in the hope that Urandir really went a chosen of ETs to cure people. Everything doesn't pass of an unforgivable blow against of good faith and despaired people by some encouragement that induces them better. A former businessman from Rio de Janeiro also passed by a problem but, in his case, he had the cure illusion maintained by several months by Urandir, that always called him and asked if his health was good. To the end of each connection, Urandir feigned to do a telepathic transmission of energy and warranty that the lawyer would be quickly good. After that, he asked for a small payment for the treatment. "

To the whole, Urandir took me more than R$ 12.000,00, always with his chat that the money would be used in the construction of an health clinic for treatment of sick ", the lawyer said. " Actually, that he wanted is to pull up the maximum of money and he deceived me the whole " time. The lawyer broke up with his healer, but without before to try to recover his money, without success. These three situations are among dozens hurried in the last two years. The victims' of Urandir depositions are maintained vast volume of evidences of his quackery activities close to, in our files. The people that they were hurted, as the suitable ones above, in spite of having guided for Revista UFO's direction they render it complaint to the official authorities, they didn't make it for fear of they suffer reprisals of Urandir and his vast body of employees, that guarantee that the robbery is very applied and stay unpunished. In hypothesis some such ones foot-sound they allowed that this publication identified them completely. "One day, when I called to Urandir and said that would not give him any money and would still denounce him, he threatened me telling me that my life and of my family would be in risk if I made it", said the businessman to the Revista UFO. The menaces are a constant in the activities of Urandir.

Along his years of acts unlawfulls , whenever somebody discovered something on his maneuvers, such person was immediately expelled of the group and, still, terribly threatened. One of the most serious cases happened to a manager from São Paulo, that discovered in warehouses of the farm of Urandir, in Corguinho, motorcycles prepared to transit in rural areas and a paraphernalia composed by radios of communications type walkie-talkie, batteries, mile lights and varied instruments whose purpose she did not know. When seeing that such equipments could only be used to swindle the insistent lights in the hills of the area in turn of the property of Urandir, that everybody thinks to be flying disks, was asked what they are about. Urandir was emphatic: "If you open your mouth, you will be sorry". He scared me and continued to do it even after my return to São Paulo to guarantee that I will not tell anything to anybody ", said the victim, counting more than 10 received calls from Urandir and his assistants, that are part of the outline and assure since the attainment of the tricks in the farm until the warranty that nobody will speak anything, in case that someone comes to discover.

One of the Urandir's brother, Jurandir Fernandes of Oliveira, is military policeman in São Paulo and frequently absent of the work to work in the farm of Corguinho, where he takes charge, among other things, of the protection to his brother. The atmosphere in that the never confirmed cures of Urandir happen are also subject of rejects. The people that were already in his property in Corguinho know about the terrible hygiene conditions and comfort that they are submitted - for the which pay discharges sums. " The bathrooms get obstructed to the point of the dejections leave outside, invading the lodgings. The food is prepared with loamy water that comes from a dam done by the Projeto Portal, where Mr. Urandir, without shame, takes a bath the people and asks to the skies to the people became good and be treated of his evils", described the retired stewardess Julieta Paraíso, one of the robbed by Urandir, that agreed in having his mentioned name. She add that although Urandir affirms that promised of cures the patient will only be granted if she has a lot of faith. "If the person has faith of minus, according to him, the charm will not work". There is still the case of beautiful girls that look for the mentioned paranormais powers of cure of Urandir and end up knowing his intimacy in a way that they didn't imagine.

Célia B. S. H. is one to them, a beautiful woman born in the state of Curitiba that sought the aid of Urandir to cure pains in the backs and ended up receiving countless blockades. "Urandir said that the cure would only come if he could change "energy" with me. In the beginning I didn't understand well what that was, but then, when he insisted on being alone with me in the brushwood, I noticed that was a blockade". Célia describes that Urandir tries to deceive his victims - and she knew several of them later on - affirming that can could be his twin souls. But to discover if they do, such girls would have theirs "chakras" opened for the paranormal, evidently through sexual contact. Blockade and promiscuity in the property of Urandir are common facts and they were already denounced to the Revista UFO by countless people. Recently, an adolescent's father that visited the Projeto Portal wrote to our office and said: "We spent R$ 400,00 on the average real per person to be in a precarious and distant camp what we witnessed only an show of lights, with cannons of laser accomplished by Urandir and his followers. "We did not see any Flying disks", said Fernando Gonçalves da Silva, from Santo André (SP). Among the facts that he noticed, it is the constant blockade that Urandir makes the adolescent youths, as his daughter. "Urandir goes for a walk with young ladies, doing what I don't know ". Angry, Silva still alert for the fact that the Ministry of Finance would need to visit his property, because it is a mine of gold. "Mr. Urandir abuses of lacking and ignorant people, and in his lectures, in São Paulo, he charge R$ 60,00 of each one for sessions of pure lecture. His place is in the chain!", he completed. Seems that his desire was accomplished.

Faith healing is crime according to the Brazilian Penal Code, defined in the Article 284, according the jurist Celso Delmanto in Commented Penal Code [Publishing Freitas Bastos, 1986]: it is " crime against the public health to prescribe, teach or to apply any substance or do diagnoses without having medical knowledge, or still, to use gestures, words or any or any other way to deceive the victim. The subject assets of the crime is any person that doesn't have medical knowledge, being able to a doctor to be joint author when rendering aid to the healer ". According to the code, Urandir is able to be punished, foreseen as detention of six months to two years. Was not that, however, what took it to the chain. The law says although if the crime were practiced by means of remuneration on the part of the victims, the healer is also subject to the fine payment. As Urandir is bricklayer's servant, in spite of coming as civil engineer in several cities through where he gives courses, it is evident that he doesn't have any medical qualification and, with that, he is against the law.

It is difficult to esteem how much money Urandir already got to obtain from his victims through his faith healing practices, but it is not a few. So much that, since he became constantly denounced for almost unanimity of the Brazilian ufologists, focused strongly to the side of the cures, what demonstrates his economic viability in a clearer way than Ufology. "In fact, Urandir passed devoted more to the cures because he can get more money and is still free from the persecution of the ufologists ", told to the Revista UFO Alcione Giacomitti, one of the friends that Urandir had in his intimate circle of relationship and with which shared a lot of his tricks. The volume of material resources that started to do part of the personal fortune of the referred citizen - evaluated in more than 10 million Reals - was fattened substantially with the practice of the quackery and of the faith healing. But there is still something so or more serious than that.

Urandir recently discovered in the sale of illegal lands of such City of ETs an easier way pull up his followers' money. Was because of that he received voice of the prison of the policemen's of 17th Police Department of the city of Porto Alegre, where stayed imprisoned for almost one week, and later he was set free to answer the process in this condition. His complications with the Justice, however, they are just beginning. Some months ago, Urandir started to announce to everybody that he intended to build the referred and imaginary city in his property. But, to have the privilege of living in the cosmic enterprise - and it doesn't lack people that wants -, the candidate should work with an awful illegal outline created by Urandir. Simply, he passed to send his property that he has been selling faintly to who can pay the R$ 1.500,00 demanded. The value is high, but the promises are inviting: the City of ETs would be one of the few refuges of the Earth that would be safe, with abundance of victuals, solemnity subsistence and good astral, after the planet, according to Urandir, had his axis' rotation altered and the seas moved forward the continents. "There we will be safe and we will still receive visits from ours space-brothers, that will start to live together with us ", alleged Urandir in his courses, with the largest effrontery. The judge from Porto Alegre understood such promises in a quite different way. To understand the sketch, it is important to know that Urandir enclosed to Projeto Portal's original property, which was of about 400 hectares, more than ten times that earth amount, spread by the area. Such acquisitions were and still are being enclosed to the fortune of Urandir in an informal way, done starting from the robbery of properties of other farmers of the area.

In any case such purchases are registered legally and are at least completely paid. There is not also any land registration in the name of Urandir Fernandes of Oliveira or of the legal entity, the Projeto Portal, in the registry that coordinates the registration of lands in Corguinho. Nevertheless, sat down on what is not yours and without recognizing the pertinent legal ways of the case, Urandir shared property in lands of 800 m2, in unknown amount, without the description of the lands or the due authorization of the organs that govern such acts. And he truly has increased his fortune selling them to people that many times at least do not know where it is the project, but that are animated with the possibility of being in the company of Urandir when ETs comes to save those that the paranormal to designate that should be saved, since that is his mission... "Urandir already sold more than a thousand lands, but most of the buyers at least has no idea where they are. And none of them is going to receive one day the writing of the lands", to the Revista UFO Márcio Uller, that worked in the project for more than one year and was dismissed without any payment or compensation.

The representatives of Urandir through what he calls nucleus, spread out by the Brazil sell the lands. To activate the process, the suspicious paranormal ordered to print great amount of receipts, many of the which he simply signs in blank paper(according documentation that the Revista UFO have), distributing them to the thousands among the such nucleus. His representatives, have only to find people who pay for the land, when they fills the receipt and they supply copy to the eventual buyers. There is any kind of official control. "I bought one of those lands here in the nucleus of São Paulo, but when I was to check them at the registry there was anything of legal in the affair", told to the Revista UFO, Maria S., from the city of São Paulo, that is also afraid of identifying. Maria, as more than thousand other buyers, who felt like idiots, since that the UFOs of Urandir are quite unlikely. She is among the victims that want his money back. And more: in the receipt that the representatives of Urandir passes to the buyers, he, that signs the document, affirms that: "...he commits to sell an area of 800 m2, retreat of a larger area of 1.000 hectares, of the rural property without division located in the district of Corguinho, registered under the number 1.687, book 2, on March 25, 1998, in the Office of Registrations of Properties of the District of Comarca das Bandeiras". Besides signing that term, Urandir stands out that the property is " and disentangled of any obligation, taxes, rates, etc ". This is just one of his lies , since who goes to the referred registry will discover that the property doesn't belong nor it never belonged to Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira. Besides, the buyer will find at the registry Mr. Aristides Borges de Esquivel, a helpful official of registers that guarantees to be arranged to thoroughly know the details of such business. "I have no words to say to those people that calls or visit us asking for informations about the lands that they acquired", said Mr. Esquivel, when emitting a certificate that confirms that Urandir doesn't have any property registered in that registry. That documentation was taken to the knowledge of the gaúchas (people who was born in the state of Rio Grande do Sul) authorities, resulting in the swindle accusation against Urandir and, consequently, his provisory prison.

The property mentioned under referred registration number belongs actually to the San Valentim Agricultural. And even that the involved property belonged to Urandir, there is still the fact of the largest seriousness, that certain requirements were never executed and at least cogitated so that made the share of the area in subject. To consummate a sales, there is a series of legal providence to be taken, among the ones which the elaboration of a detailed map of the area to be shared and sold, with all the available geographical information. Nothing of that was ever made. According to some of his employees already discharged, Urandir nor knows how many lands for sure were sold, for who and where it is. The purpose of that disorganization is simple: there is not any interest in indeed sells or to populate the area in subject, but just in raise easy money. The law says that, in if being about rural area, would be necessary that Urandir obtained authorization of the National Institute of Colonization and it Reforms Agrarian (Incra) to make the division to be shared and sold, besides the cancellation of his registration as rural area, to presents to the Registry of Registration of Properties responsible. That was never made! Besides those providence, Urandir should present an authorization of the Brazilian Institute of the Environment (Ibama) for the accomplishment of the such division, by means of offer to the organ called Report of Impact in the environment (RIMA), that should be joined to the other documents. That was also never made, especially because, among other misdemeanors, Urandir destroyed forests of the Bacia Hidrográfica of Paraná, deforested his property above the allowed, made illegal dams and dry rivers - acts that would be condemned immediately by the Ibama.

The lawyer Lütz Netto tried to discourage Urandir of acting illegally, before to lose his patience and to take the case to the authorities. "I was sought by the group of Urandir in October of 1997 to guide them on the defense against an eventual faith healing accusation and quackery, that didn't arrive consummating", said to the Revista UFO. "Since then I attended several of his meetings of 'courses and energy' and I got to go to the Projeto Portal, in May of 1999. When Urandir begun the sell of the lands, in July of 1998, I sought him to notice for the fact that such enterprise was totally strange to the law, and I alerted of his total illegality". Lütz Netto got to offer his legal help gratuitously so that he regularized his dreamed enterprise. But he did not care, what woke up his suspicions. The result is that that the TV program called "Fantástico" showed to the whole country on March 26. "I made the proposal of helping in the juridical aspects for knowing that humble people, that doesn't have health program, that doesn't have his own house, that doesn't have social security nor a regular job, was buying such lands without any warranty, without any valid documentation", laments Lütz Netto. Urandir got to make appointments with the lawyer , where juridical providences would be taken, doing with that Lütz Netto transferred professional commitments to assist him. But simply, Urandir never allowed that any possible of the professional help was give and Urandir continued selling illegally lands. That characterizes sharply bad-faith. "I concluded that there was not interest on behalf of Urandir and his employees in regularizing the enterprise, because he is not proprietor of the property that he is sharing. The resources that he is receiving for this are being applied in other purposes and the intention showed is hurting poor buyers.

I was totally disappointed about his intentions and I left the group, declaring to everybody my deception ", affirmed lawyer Lütz Netto, that took providences. Not without before try, countless times, to solve the subject in a friendly way. Even so, Urandir was not interested in this option. The lawyer was not the only one to get disappointed with the intentions of the alleged contacted. Dozens of people today seek his offices to ask his money back - most of which calmly. Other not so much. "I already called countless times to Jurandir and to Urandir, and none of them assists my phone calls. I want my money back and they that keep his land", said Mrs. Doraci Alves Cunha, one of the deceived with the promise of the City of ETs. Through the process against Urandir, however, the lawyer hopes to recover all the customers' money back. "I have been sought by several buyers to promote the nullity of the business accomplished ". Like him, other professionals are representing several victims of Urandir, that "dropped" in the most original blow than was created in the history of world Ufology. When insisting with his secret shared and sell of lands, Urandir was engaged in the Law 6.766, of 1979, that regulates the subject.

To disclose or to promote the sale, sale promise or reserves of lands, before all the necessary providences are taken, it is constituted in crime against the public administration and against the popular economy. The penalties for who that incurs in such crime go from the reclusion to the chain, from two to five years, with right shackle it in the moment of the prison. And the law was executed, therefore Urandir was taken of the hotel in what he was shackled by the policemen. The law still considers as aggravating element for the application of the feather if there is not area of lands registered on behalf of the sharer, what is exactly the case of Urandir. The crime is also know as swindle, with employment of the respective penalty, being considered as added difficulty that the sales were made by means of exploration of popular faith. After all that, you can see the big trouble in that Urandir is involved and his followers when the frustrated buyers of his lands in the City of ETs move actions more and more weighed against the gang that settled in Corguinho. Even having left the chain, his life certainly won't be the same any more. Until then the Brazilian ufologists, that have in his hands vast material confirming the illicit intentions of Urandir Fernandes of Oliveira of obtain personal profits through the ufologic pretext, acted inside of that is his role: to denounce such acts to the Nation. Now, the competent authorities saw the problem and entered in the subject, to guarantee to those that were stole by the alleged paranormal the immediate replacement of his financial losses. The Brazilian UFO community, that looks for an acceptance and recognition every larger of the object of his dedication - that is the aliens' presence in our planet -, made his part in to point and to prove the lies of Urandir. Now, the Justice and judicial power of the nation will do his part.


A.J. Gevaerd, editor of the magazine UFO created a page in the Internet with the intuit to help and assistant the people who want to denounce the "thieves" that are using the ufology to take money from simple people. Below we have some examples of people that had courage of denouncing the largest thief that already appeared in the world ufologia Who Crosses the Arms We have the habit, the Brazilian citizens, of protesting, to chide and to kick about, only when is too late. We, the Brazilian citizens, have the habit of crossing the arms, to silence, in the day by day, that is, in the moment in that rulers and authorities adopt absurd politics. For the which everybody will pay, in the future, the price. IMPUNITY: I am referring in what is happening in Mato Grosso do Sul. Exactly in the municipal district of Corguinho - Project Portal, maintained by Mr. Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira. Local that, according the referred gentleman, appearances of extraterrestrial ships happen, miracles, cures, contacts extractions of (chips) that supposedly have been placed by ETs, inside of our bodies! Lie! I was inside during one week of the supposition field of the miracles. Lived lacks of everything: food, water to drink. The bathrooms clogged to the point of dejections come out outside, invading the lodgings; the food are prepared with loamy water that comes from a dam done by the Projeto Portal. In this dam Mr. Urandir bath the people and asks to the skies so that they are good and be treated of his evils. Always alerting that the cure will only happen if the blessed has a lot of faith. If the person have a few of faith the charm will not work, and he say that doesn't have anything with this, but... if the miracle makes himself there he is sacred. Do I ask where are the sanitary authorities of Mato Grosso do Sul? I think shameful that argues that we should not intervene, will be that nobody remembers the tragedy of Guyana, everybody forgot about Jim Jones? The Revista UFO magazine issue 54 exposed the very well tricks already proven. What the authorities are waiting for? Here it is going my alert one, Mr. Urandir is creating a true sect of fanatic.

From: Julieta Paraíso State: São Paulo (SP) Project Portal and Brazilian Jim Jones In the holiday of 12th October, 1999, I went to Corguinho, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, to accompany my daughter in the such close encounters that some say to happen for there. We spent R$ 400,00 per person to be in a precarious camp, and what we only witnessed was a show of lights, with laser canyons, accomplished by Urandir and its followers. Flying disks nor in a dream. The "fools" followers, in ecstasy, screamed while his monitors - all very paid, it is obvious, - motivated such delirium. Jim Jones-Urandir promises to build, in February of the year 2.000, a flying disk and to evacuate from the Earth 1.500 people, in a ridiculous attitude that we everybody knows, it is utopian. Urandir goes for a walk with young ladies, doing who knows. The Ministry of Finance has to visit the municipal district of Corguinho, because there is a mine of make money. I warn, besides, the competent authorities on crime against the popular economy and quackery on the part of that gentleman, in the intuit of combating a sect as the one of Jim Jones, that took, years ago, 900 people to the suicide. Mr. Urandir abuses of lacking and ignorant people, and in his lectures in São Paulo, he collects R$ 60,00 of each one in sessions of pure foolish. His place is in the chain! His contacts are false and I could check!

From: Fernando Gonçalves of Silva Rua Mônaco 528 Park of the Nations 09220-080 Sacred André - SP I was Deceived My name is Daniela S., I am 28 years old and I am a teacher in Rio de Janeiro. Two years ago I have accompanied the works of Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira and not always agreed with all his said ¨instructions¨, but after 4 days of conviviality with ¨Projeto Portal¨, I was sure that everything is a great fake! I don't know anything, I cannot prove anything, but my intuition accompanied of a good reflection of the facts that there happened, didn't leave doubts of that charlatan. I'm rebelled. And stiller because I notice that let myself to believe in that allegations for so much time. And I have friends, that myself presented to Urandir that are completely involved. I can not believe that Urandir has the courage of being so liar, not only for using lights probably false, but for allowing that create such sect around him. I don't know if I can help in some way, but I know about your worry to alerting the people about the fact and if I could help you in someway, please enter in contact with me my house telephone it is (*) 523-27 * *From: Daniela S. State: Rio de Janeiro (RJ)


In January 1998, in the edition 56 of the Revista UFO magazine, A.J. Gevaerd made a public challenge to Mr. Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira. But as always he ran away. Know the terms of the challenge made by the ufologist A. J. Gevaerd to the alleged paranormal Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, registered in the 4° Registry of Registration of Titles and Documents of Campo Grande, on February 08, 2.000.

1. The alleged paranormal Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, founder and leader of the Projeto Portal, in his countless presentations in TV programs of several television nets, and through his hundreds of courses and lectures by the whole Brazil, has been making the most hallucinating and groundless statements. He guarantees that is capable to communicate with aliens any time he wants. He affirms to be carrier of special talents, gave to him by the aliens, that allow to do his miraculous cures, besides of cancer and AIDS. He says that already made countless trips the other planets on board UFOs and that can repeat them when he wants. He affirms although he is able to speak in extraterrestrial languages and says that was chosen by them, to who he calls friends, to develop in the Earth a plan of planetary evacuation.

2. Revista UFO's editor, Ademar José Gevaerd, affirms that Urandir lacks completely with the truth in his statements of UFO stamp and that all the things that he has been speaking openly in the TV, in his courses or lectures, are absolutely imaginative and groundless. Gevaerd guarantees that Urandir is completely unable of having any contact with ETs and that there really is any sign of true when he affirms that traveled the other planets. In March of 1997, with a team of the Educational TV of Campo Grande and another people, the ufologist Gevaerd taped Urandir using tricks produced with laser pens, influencing the presents and taking them to believe that were legitimate UFO phenomenons. In many other occasions, the tricks have been repeated in the Projeto Portal's headquarters, in Corguinho, where Urandir affirms to do his contacts with ETs, which don't have until the moment any confirmation.

3. So, to not be the words of one against the another, the ufologist Gevaerd is throwing a public challenge to the alleged paranormal Urandir. This gentleman is being challenged openly to show if he is really able to have contacts with aliens, of talking with them and of traveling in their ships. Urandir is invited to choose three dates that better they suit it, in places that he designate and under the conditions that he determine, to do three contact attempts with his supposed "extraterrestrial " friends. In those three attempts, all of them controlled by own Urandir in his taste and designs, the Revista UFO will accompany the contacted works of the mentioned and will make the adapted documentation of all the eventual phenomenons that happen. Urandir should be able to show his abilities of contactee, really making to appear an extraterrestrial ship or similar thing.

4. To the ufologist Gevaerd will fit the accompaniment of the facts, in the places and dates marked by Urandir, to evaluate without interference of what will happen. Such analyses will be made by the own and for specialists invited by the Revista UFO, among experts in Brazilian UFO Community and foreigner, that can be accompanied by the guests of Urandir, without interference. The only condition imposed by the ufologist Gevaerd to Urandir is that he can take to each one of the three attempts that will be done, as his guests, members of the local and national Press, members of entities linked with the consumer rights and several police powers.

5. Revista UFO's editor sustains openly that doubts of your such mentioned experiences of Urandir, that don't pass of invention or production made with the purpose of extracting material benefits. And guarantees that anything, absolutely nothing, will happen in the opportunities that he will have to demonstrate the opposite, in case he comes to accept the invitation. But, in compensation, it also sustains that, is something comes to happen, that evidences the powers extrasensory of Urandir and his capacities to contact with aliens, will recognize openly that referred gentleman is a person with special talents that has true relationship with non terrestrial civilizations. Finally, in the case of that hypothesis to come confirming, the ufologist promises openly to come to insist in the popularization of the phenomenons of Urandir and in the recognition of his legitimacy.

6. This public challenge is the chance that the alleged paranormal will have to prove that his allegations are true. It is the chance that the truth is reestablished. So, it will be properly registered at registry, in the district of Campo Grande, so that his legal validity be recognized. Campo Grande, February 03rd , 2.000 Ademar José Gevaerd,

THIAGO LUIZ TICCHETTI President of Brazilian Organization for Extraterrestrial Research (EBE-ET)

ISTOÉ online newsarticle - Nº 1583 - 02/02/2000

(in English)

The Ets de Urandir

Guru boasts to receive dons extraterrestrial, also attracts multitudes but the fury of the ufologistas Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira is a phenomenon. Since the 13 years it has contact with extraterrestrial beings, especially with the ones of the Venus planet. They are figures with 20% of substance and 80% of energy, that if move in golden ships. From them, Urandir received dons diverse, to start for the one of the cure. It also received the mission to prepare the humanity to follow changes in the Land, that is evolving of third for the fourth dimension, either there what this means. Urandir still has access to the cosmic archives of the human beings. In a cave of its farm, the Project Vestibule, in the city of Corguinho (MS), intraterrenos beings keep these archives have six a thousand years more than. But the registers alone could be had access up to 25 of March of 1999. Who lost the stated period, can be candidatar to a vacant in the spaceships that will be ordered, in opportune occasion, for a mysterious Cosmic Advice. To the 36 years, Urandir says to enter 76 a thousand followers and power to convoke ETs with the same easiness with that it shows luminescence in the hands. By the way, on its farm spaceships they costumam to pour small flying record rejoinders. Although it boasts as many powers, Urandir does not resist, however, the questionings. To liberate the entrance to the Project Vestibule and being interviewed for ISTOÉ, it it placed as condition not to receive critical. "It has that to have document signed for the direction of the magazine, giving guarantees", demanded, disclosing total unfamiliarity on ethics. "Only specialized they understand my work." The ufologia, the president of the Brazilian Center of Flying Record Research has more than 20 years dedicating itself it, Ademar Jose Gevaerd, guarantees that the owner of the Vestibule ufólogo nor is not contacted by ETs. "Urandir is, in the truth, a policy case. It deceives the people to the cost of coarse tricks, as to spread its men for the weeds, to the night, with lighthouses of mile. When it supposedly calls flying records, the focos of light appears and the people are embasbacadas ", count to Gevaerd, reproducing the mechanism.

ALAN RODRIGUES Gevaerd shows as the lights appear of the supposed ships Ahead of a group of 500 people, Gevaerd tried has two years to demonstrate that one of the lights shown for Urandir was a simple torch of penxs the laser, similar to the model that proper it led to the farm. "the multitude was infuriated. I and my friends we leave lapidated, xingados there the Satan ", remembers. Thus that she knew of the existence of Urandir, the stewardess Julieta pensioner of Paradise, that deferred payment in São Paulo, integrated another group of 500 visitors to the Vestibule. There, one strong resistance of its fellow travellers in commenting used details noticed as the sumiço of during the avistamentos of the spaceships. "the fanatism is so strong that I fear that happens a tragedy as of the Heaven's Gate", Julieta says, mentioning itself it the collective suicide occurrence has two years, in San Diego, in California, for 39 people who believed to be embarking in the tail of the Hale-Bopp comet. "the region where if it locates the Vestibule is, in itself, mística. Urandir did not need to use tricks to invoice." Julieta still keeps one pedrinha that Urandir guarantees to have removed of its forehead as if chip was extirpando one placed by ETs. "Everything is made in one cômodo dark, in exactly where it presents itself with the fosforecentes hands", he says. The ones are not few that certify that the luminosity is resulted of products to the match base. "She is chemical pure. Urandir has a paranormalidade, obtains to warp currencies and yokes. But it uses tricks of all type ", declares Rubem Godoy Indian. Known as Indian, in the 1994 end, it released the public job, in the National Foundation of Health, to act as right arm of Urandir in the implantation of the project, of which if he disconnect four years later. "we are not enemy, but it would not come back to work toward it. This history of cure is joke. All time that its children adoecem, it runs for the doctor ", tells. Lots

[Those mysterious rocks?]

The rocks that Urandir presents as sent for extraterrestrial are common in the immediacy of the mountain range of Maracaju, whose more visible mount is of Is Sebastião, neighbor to the Vestibule. "Even so they have sufficiently exotic format, these rocks have a natural geologic origin. They are sandstone rocks with high degree of iron ", affirms the archaeologist Gilson Martins, of the Federal University of the Mato Grosso of the Living South of a colony of the region, Olgarinda Caetano Da Silva gains the life vendendo pedrinhas for tourist. "Before, it catava for the Urandir, that bought baratinho. Everybody catava. Of times for here, it stopped to buy ", clarifies Olgarinda.

ANDRES SARMENTO Elaine: "Everything has price there" The rocks, that of fact remember the format of a flying record, are spread by all the Country. They are led by people who, after to pass for preparatory courses, rescue to the Vestibule. These visitors are arregimentados by followers of Urandir, that today keeps nuclei of its project in Belo Horizonte (MG), Curitiba (PR), Jaraguá of Sul (SC), Porto Alegre (RS), Rio De Janeiro (RIO DE JANEIRO), São Paulo (SP), Victory (ES) and Natal (RN). "Everything has price. When it uses its tricks, Urandir alone thinks about pulling out money of the people ", affirms secretary Elaine Sabaliauskas, former-namorada of guru. "Now it is dividing land into parcels an agricultural area and vendendo lands of 800 square meters, but the purchasers do not turn nor the color the writing. As it always is surrounded by its men, he does not give to question. The reaction of it to any signal of diffidence is threat in threat top ", accuses Elaine. Irritated with the infrastructure lack in the Project Vestibule, the psychologist Maria Ines Ribeiro Bueno intended to register complaint against Urandir in the Court of Small Causes, in São Paulo, where she had bought the package of four days, for R$ 350. She did not obtain, however, no voucher of payment. "I, that already I have health problems, came back worse of the one than I was, therefore I slept in the soil and I ate badly. He did not have nor water to take bath ", complains Maria Ines. To that they criticize the lodging conditions, Urandir explains that the difficulties are party to suit to arrive themselves at the light, as it tells to Cid lawyer Oak, of Rio De Janeiro. In the 1994 end, it looked Urandir in the hope to cure the psychic problems of a son, today with 39 years. In the occasion, the lawyer also submitted itself to a treatment against a cancer in panturrilha. "Urandir places a cloud in the eyes of the person. I cured myself because I made 60 sessions of chemotherapy, but finished making a series of depositions as if it had saved me. My son continues with the same problems ", affirms Oak. I pan One of the biggest concerns of the lawyer is that it indicated 320 people for the Project Vestibule. "My damage was financial and moral. I lost much money with the Urandir, but worse it is that my certifications had influenced many people ", says.

One of the first ones to perceive the occult resources of Urandir, Gevaerd, that edits magazine UFO, believes that Urandir is constructing a richness thanks to the good-faith of its adepts. "I esteem that its patrimony is of R$ 10 million", affirms. "the problem is that until the life trajectory that counts it was copied of another person." He sends this page for a friend When Urandir arrived at the region, come of the São Paulo interior, looked Lúcio Barbosa, owner of the Small farm Angels of Light, also in Corguinho. "It for more than camped in my house one year. He was a little paranormal, warped things. He made one I pan in my property, but he did not extract nothing. To the few, I counted that it had contact with extraterrestrial, that the region was mística. It had the idea to use the lights. I moved away myself, therefore my work does not involve money ", standes out Barbosa. It more enters the known ufólogos of the Country, Urandir also does not count on good reputation. "It achincalha with the Brazilian ufologia", complains Claudeir Covo, president of the National Institute of Inquiries of Aerospace Phenomena.


Zero Hora newspaper

Paulistan is arrested with the charges of selling land for a city for ETs Monday 27, March 2000, 10h50min

Paulistan Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, also known as UFO, will be indicted charched with fraud and ideological falseness.

He was arrested last Sunday in Porto Alegre, charged of selling illegal lots in the town of Corguinho, in Mato Grosso do Sul, where he had plans to build a city to receive extraterrestrial. Urandir is in jail at 17º Civil Police Sation in the "gaucho" capital.. Three hours and a half after being arrested by the police, Oliveira talked to Zero Hora newspaper in the Marshal Jorge Mafra's office, at 17ª DP. He confirmed the sale of land in the town of ETs, and assured that the project is serious and that he has been acting legally. Here are the main excerpts of his interview:

Zero Hora ­ Do you admit your accusations?
Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira ­ I am not worried about it. All I am doing is legal. I do not promise cure to no one, only teach auto-aid in the manipulation of the mind.
ZH ­ What is Portal Project?
Oliveira ­ A place where people have parasicological experiences, ecological and ufological. There are 490 hectares (of land), and my intent is to by 1,5 thousand to form a comunity where I will raise cattle and fish. Associates will pay R$ 1,4 thousand (in todays exchange rate is about US$ 390) for this. I represent the project, I am the president.
ZH ­ Only who pays can take part in the project?
Oliveira ­ Those who won't have resources to buy shares will receive a donation. Even those unemployed will live there.
ZH ­ What is there in the area?
Oliveira ­ There's nothins as yet, we are gathering money.
ZH ­ From who did you buy the land?
Oliveira ­ The land are in the name of Zeferino Bingolin, local resindent in Campo Grande. I have a buy and sell contract and I only have to pay tha last mortgage to own the land. Participants know about it. A surveyor is measuring the land and so far we are also getting a license from IBAMA. The project was officially recognized (recognized firm) there are six months in Campo Grande (notary's office).
ZH ­ Do you know the author of the denunciation?
Oliveira ­ I met him there are eight months. He was watching one of my seminars and influenced other people against me, but they did not look for me. He said that my contract was wrong and made another one. I believed his words because I needed to get the burocratic part done, but he did something eles, he denounced me.
ZH ­ What is your walth?
Oliveira ­ I have a Ranger, that I am paying the mortgage, a lot in Sao Paulo and a pickup Veraneio to transport visitors. I have 81 cattle, which belong to the participants.
ZH ­ Is the cattle yours?
Oliveira ­ It belongs to everyone. When sold, they will receive their part.
ZH ­ What do you do for a living?
Oliveira ­ I have been working by myself there are four years, giving lectures. I used to work in the building industry and I also have a publishing company whis now is inoperative in the tonw of Presidente Wenceslau (SP).
ZH ­ Did the people who bought shares visited your project?
Oliveira ­ Some visited, I have photos and videos of them over there.
ZH ­ Did they pay for the trip?
Oliveira ­ They payed for the tickes and food. A day costs R$ 40 (about U$ 11) per visitor and R$ 20 (about U$ 5.5) for associates (members).
ZH ­ How much did you seel so far?
Oliveira ­ We sold about 6 thousand shares of the 490 hectares. Each person bought as much as they wanted.
ZH ­ What are your lectures about?
Oliveira ­ About mental evolution, aprenticeship in the maniputaltion of energy and self control.
ZH ­ Do people pay to watch them?
Oliveira ­ I charge R$ 50 (about US$ 14), but half of the people do not pay because they can't afford it. Thirty percent of the public pay R$ 10 (about US$ 3). Very few people pays the total amount.
ZH ­ Are shares sold during the lectures?
Oliveira ­ Yes, yesterday (Saturday) I sold two for R$ 1,4 thousand (about US$ 390).
ZH ­ Did you ever had trouble with the police?
Oliveira ­ No. Once I was arrested because of a domestic fight with my ex-wife with another woman, but there was nothing.
ZH ­ How do you explain the story of the lights in your hands?
Oliveira ­ Since I was a kid I am a paranormal. I bent objects, but this anyone with training can do. It is only that when I was 13 a purple light beamed me up and two people put a microchip in my neck. That helped me with the manipulation of the energy.
ZH ­ Who were those people?
Oliveira ­ They were extraterrestrials. They are just like us.

Agência RBS/Zero Hora

by Brazilian UFO Community

The brazilian UFO community is completely shocked with your behavior in a particular case involving the greatest UFO hoaxer of all times in Brazil. And we fell compelled to share this feeling with other people in the USA and the world. We are totally disappointed with the lack in your impartiality and professionalism. We are very sorry that you decided to ignore the truth and analyze the real facts about this. Instead of that, you decided to entirely support an obvious fake that everybody in Brazil knows so very well. We do wonder what motivates you to do it and certainly it has to be a very strong reason that we prefer don¹t think about. We are amazed to know that you came to Brazil a few weeks ago, to hear what we have to say about this particular case and to see what we have to show about it. You simply decided to listen to a well-known hoaxer, whose trajectory in Ufology is completely rejected by the entire media and serious UFO researchers of all ages in Brazil, instead of listening to the truth. You decided to instantly support a fake, a repulsive scam that shames Brazilian UFO Community, instead of listening to any one. Of course, it is your choice who you should listen or not. Especially if you have an invitation from the interested party (along with tickets and probably expenses) to go to a foreign country to listen to he/she. But it was an enormous lack of responsibility not to listen to people who have been observing, documenting and investigating such a case. If you haven¹t been advised about it before, or if you haven¹t been informed of the problems with this particular case earlier, that would be a different story. But you have. The case is not what you think and I am impressed to see how easily you¹ve been deceived with bogus information, as well as we are amazed to see that your skills in detecting frauds have lowered to a such degree. At least as an obligation that comes with the duty invested in the UFO research, you should consider all the available information about the case. You did not. Well, we are very sorry for that and we hope that some day, not to late, when you decide to check out the evidences that you are solemnly ignoring, you will realize the damage that you are causing. UFO researchers have been targets of hundreds of accusations that we fail in objectivity and in applying proper methods of research. Well, we, the Brazilian UFO researchers, as an amalgamated coalition, working relentlessly for the truth, have with much effort and difficulties prevented thousand of more people to be fooled by the man whose story you so enthusiastically support and promote in your website. Our work in this country is done. I hope someone does the same in the USA.

To the International UFO Community:

Very important December 13, 2002
Please be informed that the story of a man abducted in Brazil, with dramatic photos of the scenario, is a campaign to promote overseas the biggest UFO hoaxer of all times in Brazil, Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, who has actually created a sect of fanatics around him, composed of people who blindly believe in his alleged ET contacts and healing powers, none of them ever confirmed by anyone. The man has been repeatedly exposed as hoaxer by dozens of UFO researcher and many people even from his sect, after "waking up to reality", have come forward to describe Urandir´s tricks and scheme. His last great attempt to go public in Brazil and overseas happened last year, when he invented the story (easily exposed) that a UFO had crashed at his friend¹s farm. It was only another of his hoaxes, perpetrated to attract people to his activities, to which they are invited to join if they pay a considerable amount of money. His history is all fake and the man is fastly becoming a millionaire with his obscure agenda, supported by thousands of fanatics. Urandir is largely rejected by 99% of the Brazilian UFO Community, who perfectly knows that he is nothing but a hoaxer. This story is NOT to be taken seriously, as no responsible UFO researcher has been allowed to scrutinize the scenario and the alleged case. Urandir has been interviewed by Jeff Rense on Thursday night, December 12, assisted by his fellow Felipe Castelo Branco. This has taken serious people in the USA and all over the world to believe in the story invented by Urandir. The damage can be much bigger than one can think. In Brazil, responsible UFO researchers and large media stream have succeeded in debunking him at a considerable level. We have succeeded in preventing that thousands of Brazilians being cheated by Urandir and now he is trying the USA and other countries to establish his sect. Serious UFO researchers all over the world cannot let it happen. The man is as fake as a 3-dollar bill. He spent time in jail for selling property that doesn¹t belong to him.

A. J. Gevaerd, Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine.
National Director, Mutual UFO Network. Director, International UFO Congress

SUFOPG - Open Letter to UFO Community - Brazilian UFO Cult


Dear UFO Community,

No emmys for Linda.

We are appalled at the irresponsible reports related by Linda Moulton Howe and
the media coverage supporting these reports which only stand to support a
known UFO Brazilian cult. Our purpose in this open letter is to report the truth
that is not being told and we have posted our report and photos which
prove the Brazilian case is a hoax and unfortunately worse.

We have been informed of the real story having given an open fair platform
to an International Editor and UFOlogist from Brazil - A.J. Gevaerd,
an expert in this area. The real story is the well documented fraud
and abuse of Urandir Olivera¹s UFO cult ³Project Portal² (of which
have yet to be mentioned in any of Linda Howe¹s reports). While Linda
is misleading the public by continually burying her eyeball in bedsheet
analysis with exaggerated testicle impressions and attempting to garner
support with numerous analysis by scientists, she is disregarding the
truth and doing nothing for the public¹s best interest. Linda¹s furthering
speculation and double talk on the analysis of polyester fibers -fibers
which can be affected by any number of solvents sidesteps the real
issues of this Brazilian UFO cult.

It should be noted that photos of the
bedsheet have already shown the alleged abduction to be a hoax as
the impressions have changed in subsequent photos. A huge ³clue²
of hoaxing that any responsible investigator would have noticed.

It would be different if Linda had not confirmed with
me that she was invited by Urandir and his business supporters at their
expense to go to Brazil. Sorry but the UFOlogists in Brazil and myself
have a problem with paid investigators as it compromises objectivity as well as ethics.
Linda as a Journalist should know this very well.

It would be different if Linda Howe had not confirmed with me she
was informed of the background of Urandir through A.J. Gevaerd
in December of 2002 or was never at [Urandir¹s] multi million dollar
compound in Brazil for two weeks, but the sad facts are she was
fully aware and still she has not reported. Why?

It would be different if Linda had not censored Brazilian¹s UFOlogist
A.J. Gevaerd¹s comments from her first report. It would be different
if this was just a hoaxer with neighbors throwing rocks in the air or
claiming to have an alien in his freezer but its not. This is much
more serious. This involves supporting a known UFO cult with
hundreds of people that Brazil¹s own numerous UFOlogists have
declared a fraud based on numerous reports from people who
have left the compound.

Have we forgotten the lessons of Jim Jones in 1978 or
Heaven¹s Gate of which only happened five short years ago?
Does consumer fraud take second position to sensationalistic speculation?
Every person and organization stands on their own merit and misleading
reports supporting an abusive UFO cult is heinous and yes we are finding
this cult has the same earmarks and template as the Jim Jones cult.
Everything from the bilking of hundreds of thousands of dollars from
believers to reports of abuse, reports of unsanitary conditions and reported death threats.

Please re-read the history of Jonestown and compare similarities between these two cults
and isolated compounds. We found that indeed, yes, the locals were not exaggerating when

they say Urandir is another Jim Jones. In November 18, 1978 - 912 followers of American
cult leader Jim Jones "Peoples Temple" died in a remote South American jungle
compound called "Jonestown" in British Guyana. (a group not unlike Urandir¹s ³Good Luck Colony ²).
Of those dead in Jonestown, 280 of those dead were children. Jonestown Sect members had been secretly handing
notes to visiting Congressman Leo Ryan wanting to leave before they were gunned down.
It was believed many people felt oppressed and couldn¹t say anything for fear.
Yes, A.J. Gevaerd living in the same town himself has received many of the same
comments from people who have left the ³Project Portal² compound. His file is thick.

It would be different if there were not still people there at compound including children.

It would be different if Linda showed the numerous building of Urandir¹s multi million
dollar compound and not the photograph off the corner of porch overlooking the
lands of this ³humble farmer². Her report claims does organic framing.
photos misleading? Yes, I would say very much so.

It would be different if Linda interviewed and acknowledged A.J. Gevaerd¹s concerns
as a person who knows more about UFOlogy and Urandir living in the same town
than any other person in Brazil. But she hasn¹t.

It would be different if Linda interviewed the mother of the boy Afonso C. N. with
leukemia who came there for treatment of faith healing and left the compound
worse off and his family bilked of $11,000 - but she hasn¹t.

It would be different if Linda interviewed Urandir's former lawyer Lutz Netto who left the compound
and felt he was scammed - but she hasn¹t.

It would be different if Linda ever confirmed Urandir¹s arrest over beating his wife. Saint? Hardly. Linda hasn¹t.

[Note: Urandir Oliveira confirmed himself his additional arrest with Zero Hora Newspaper.
".....ZH: Did you ever had trouble with the police?
Oliveira: No. Once I was arrested because of a domestic fight
with my ex-wife with another woman, but there was nothing."....
- Zero Hora Newspaper, March 27, 2000]

It would be different if Linda ever confirmed Urandir's arrest of four days for fraud that has been additionally
documented by local journalists - but she hasn¹t.

It would be different if Linda ever Interviewed Fernando Goncalves da Silva who was defrauded by Urandir and calls him another Jim Jones? Linda hasn¹t.

It would be different if Linda ever interviewed Daniela S. - a teacher who feels she was defrauded? - but Linda hasn¹t.

It would be different if Linda had not confirmed with me she had only interviewed those arriving and leaving the UFO compound and those person¹s brought to her through one translator - a business partner. How convenient.

Yeh, it would be different if Linda had... but she hasn¹t - and she continues in spite of knowing for over five months
and in spite of the facts.

We all know if Linda Howe was with any responsible media or newspaper she would have been fired for violating journalistic ethics. But is Linda held to any responsibility or is this entertainment at consumer¹s expense?

Frankly, neglecting to report the abuse from people who have left this UFO sect is beyond despicable.
The picture is a little bit larger here than just a tif between investigators or International politics as
Linda has used as an excuse for not even listening to any of the Brazilian UFOlogists or their reports.
They condemn and charge her for conducting the worst form of Journalism and having looked into this
case I have to agree two fold having confirmed the information myself. Objectivity and fair reporting
have been disregarded over ego and its to the detriment of every person who was ever scammed by Urandir or who may be scammed in the future because of Linda¹s supportive reports. Serious questions have to be asked:

Why is media not fairly presenting AJ Gevaerd¹s information? AJ is a National MUFON Director of Brazil and Linda claims to be an independent reporter? Perhaps because Linda is listed as a ³Technical Advisor to media² with MUFON. Translation? Paid sensationalistic media promoter.

MUFON presenting Linda Howe? All I can say is how awful for the MUFON organization and its President to outright ignore its letters of concern which they have acknowledged they have received from their very own National Director and to turn its back on a formal complaint on such a serious matter and not give a fair platform. Aiding and abetting fraud isn't funny and its a disservice to the public but then again I shouldn¹t be surprised when people like this work hand in hand.
They deserve each other.

No emmys for Linda and no more Jim Jones or Heaven¹s Gate - not on my shift.

Charlette LeFevre
President Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group


Please note the Seattle Group already believes in the possibility of Extraterrestrial life and abductions and supports awareness in a responsible manner.

The Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group is a real people lecture adventure group furthering education, research and history of UFOs, the paranormal, ancient civilizations and alternate explanations of reality highlighting the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group