Past and Current Speakers

(partial list-not in order of appearance)


Some Past Speakers for the Chat Club:

Jeffrey Armstrong - Vedic Astrologer
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
- Chief of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation and
19th generation keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe
Bill Beaty - Director WIERD SCIENCE
Dr. Nick Begich - Author "Angels Don't Play this HAARP"
Joy Brown - Abductee Experiencer and Author
Rodney Carr-Smith - Ancient geographical anomalies in England
Lee Chin - Director, Psychic, Bio-Genisis of Light
Janet Colli - Near Death studies and ETs
Michael Cremo
- Author of "Forbidden Archaeology"
Peter Davenport - Director of the National UFO Reporting Center
Red Elk - Medicine Man Medicine/Wankin Spiritual Leader of Inner Heyoka
Gayle Flenniken - Expert on Mundane Astrology
Alan Furford - sacred geometry and engineering
Aileen Garoutté - IUFOCC Director
Dominique Glaub PHD - Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression
Dr. Stephen Greer - Director of CSETI
Falun Gong - Ancient Chinese Practice
Dr. Heather Ann Harder - Democratic Presidential Candidate
John Hogue - World Authority on Nostrodamus, Author
Kewaunee - Author of "Psychic Sasquatch"
Glenn Kimball - World Historian on Ancient Biblical Manuscripts
Philip Lipson - Director of the Seattle Metaphysical Library
Ralph Meany - UFO Photographer and Crop Circle Investigator
Sean David Morton - Psychic Futurist
David John Oates - Reverse Speech
Lloyd Pye
- Author of "Everything you know is Wrong"
Shine - Talkshow host with spirit
Pamela Stonebrooke - Author and Reptilian Experiencer
Kenn Thomas - Author, Editor of Steamshovel Press
Ara Tripp - Woman's rights advocate - Tower climber/Flame Blower

Dr. Nick Begich

Revolution or Destruction?
Technologies of the 21st Century

Best selling author and lecturer, Dr. Nick Begich, presents a clear picture of the new technological impacts on society and our planet.

* Terrorism and the coming surveillance society. * Non-lethal weapons and their impact on people will be discussed. New technologies which will virtually eliminate privacy are considered and presented. * Control and the manipulation of human health through electromagnetic weapons and othermeans will be disclosed as well as alternative uses in health science and a demonstration of some uses will be made during the lecture.* Alaska Missile Defense, HAARP, Low-frequency Active Sonar, and other Department of Defense activities creating risks in Alaska. These systems are potentially impacting migration patterns and marine life.* Environmental, weather control systems and new underwater sonars and their effects on the seas will also be disclosed. * The lecture concludes with solutions which could change the implications of these technologies from negative to positive by enhancing the human condition rather than depressing the human spirit. 

Peter Davenport
Peter Davenport
National UFO Reporting Center

"Peter Davenport - Probably the one person in current history that has had the most impact in people's understanding of the reality of UFOs"

National UFO Reporting Center

Comprehensive Reports on the latest UFO Sightings around the nation.


Masooma Haq is greeted with hugs at the airport by her sister and friends.

After 5 days of detention in Beijing, Masooma Haq, a Seattle teacher's assistant and Falun Gong practitioner arrived at Sea-Tac airport on Tuesday, February 19th. 3:10 pm. She was among 4 practitioners from Washington State who went to Beijing to appeal for an end to the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. On February 14, Masooma and her sister, Aysha Haq, had planned to go to Tiananmen Square in Beijing and were abducted by policemen who dragged them into a police van and brought them to a detention center.

 Falun Gong

Last American Detained in China to Arrive Home
Falun Gong Practioner - Masooma Haq

Truth Compassion Forebearance

"Falun Gong is not a China issue, it's a human issue
- a world issue.

Falun Gong is practiced freely in over 50 countries around the world. Therefore, persecution of Falun Gong is certainly not a 'domestic affair,' but rather a direct attack on millions of people throughout the world.
Governments of the world community are beginning to realize this and take steps to put an end to this persecution."
- Falun Dafa Information Center Spokesperson Gail Rachlin

"[Falun Gong] Your spiritual leadership has been an inspiration
to many Californians and to people all over the world. I commend you for devotion to public service and your commitment to improving health in mind, body, and spirit.
- Gov. Gray Davis California

More of this story, photos and Press Releases

The National UFO Reporting Center was started 27 years ago by a retired a
Seattle Firefighter Robert Gribble.
In that time numerous UFO sightings and reports have been documented and patterns have emerged. Come hear the the man that started the nation's central UFO Reporting Center, ask about classic UFO cases and his comments on the entire UFO Phenomenon!

Dr. Janet Colli

"Angels and Aliens:
Encounters with both Near-Death and UFOs."
anet Elizabeth Colli holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Union Institute, a M.A. from The Claremont Graduate School, and a B.A. from The Ohio State University. Currently in private practice in Seattle, Dr. Colli has helped people for the the last eight years who are awakening to the reality of their relationship with so-called aliens. Dr. Colli specializes in helping people process the trauma that results from Interspecies Communication using as one of her techniques Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Book: "Sacred Encounters: Spiritual Awakenings During Close Encounters"(unpublished manuscript) Janet Colli can be reached at:


Lou Free
(with Sean David Morton)
The connection to 'Talking to the Other Side'.

Dominique Glaub PHD

Past-life Regression

Dominique Glaub, Ph.D. is the founder of Awareness For Life in Seattle. She brings more than 20 years of experience in the field of alternative healing and consciousness raising. She offers private sessions in transpersonal hypnotherapy, past-life regression, 15th step, as well as holistic counseling and awareness coaching with a body mind spirit framework. You can contact her at (206) 387-8384 or visit her at

Michael Tsarion

- "The Highlander"

- a presentation, discussion and slide presentation on Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology, Sacred Symbolism used today and answering the questions of Atlantis, Ancient mysteries, lost divinations arts and more.

Jeffrey Armstrong

Jeffrey Armstrong is a humorous charismatic speaker, professional astrologer, author of "God the Astrologer", Soul Karma and Reincarnation, How We Continually Create Our Own Destiny and frequent guest on radio and TV. Jeffrey has practiced Ayurvedic Astrology for 25 years. He has degrees in Psychology, History and Comparative Religions, and Literature. He was recently featured on FOX TV "Exploring the Unknown" for his incredible accuracy having stumped the skeptics.

Joshua Shapiro
Crystal Skulls

In Memory
Gary Lockhart

Author of
"Natural Earth"
the English Standard Reference on Herbal Substances

Ancient traditional herbs to modern pharmacology. Chemist and Engineer, Gary Lockhart presents information on the use of herbs. His backgroud icludes saving heritage seeds and organic farming Gary teached classes and leads tours on the identification and use of herbs. He has presented o numerous radio shows and was a recet speaker at the Intl. UFO Congress.

Dem. Presidential Candidate
Heather Ann Harder

The only political candidate that says "Yes, I believe in UFO's"

A college professor, author and small businesswoman, Harder made her first bid for President in 1996. Harder wants to promote more citizen participation in government through a National Referendum process and emphasizes "restoring the Constitution ... [by] giving real power back to state, local, and individuals."

Come visit the library where the Chat Club has a video on her
presentation or check her out her website to find out why she is
outshining all the other candidates:

John Hoque

World Authority on Nostrodamus and Author - with club at Charlies Restaurant


The Cosmic Librarian
Philip Lipson

Secret Books passed on, a secret location, private gatherings, talking of
Presidents involvement... this was the scene at the turn of the century
just before the Seattle Metaphysical Library was formed.
Have times changed? Find out!

Philip has been with the Library since 1984, and has been a professional Librarian for almost 30 years. In addition to
producing the Library's newsletter, Philip has been on the Laura Lee Radio Show and various TV Programs in the Northwest.

Indepedance Day Speakers

Independence Day Speakers:
Kewaunee, Sasquatch Expert, Author
Gayle Flenniken - Astrologer
Rodney Carr-Smith - Speaker, Leylines
Lee Chin
Ralph Meaney
- UFO Photographer,
Pamela Stonebrooke - Contactee, Author
James Gilliland - Host and Author
Shine - Radio Broadcaster.


Ara Tripp

photo (cropped) by Tae Won Yu
additional photos of Ara on Photo Gallery

She breathes fire, stops traffic and has talked at community colleges on transgender issues. Her name is Ara Tripp and she made national headlines with her performance art on a tower above I-5 which included fire-breathing and a demonstration advocating top-free rights for women.


Lloyd Pye

Author of "Everything You Know is Wrong"
with Starchild Skull and Heather Harder.

(July and November of 1998)

Johnny Moses
(October of 1999)

Carolyn, Internationally know Native American storyteller
Johnny Moses and Philip Lipson at the
Halloween party Oct. 99.
Moses presented for the Seattle Metaphysical Library

Dr. Greer of CSETI
(August of 1998 - ET Event)

Aileen Garoutté

Aileen - Director and founder of the International UFO Contact Center has
extensive knowlege of the connection between UFO's and Elvis.
The UFOCCI meets once a month in Federal Way.

Kenn Thomas

Spies, UFO's and Conspiracy
UFO Lore and the History of Covert Intelligence
As heard on the Art Bell Show

KENN THOMAS of the conspiracy magazine Steamshovel Press and author/editor of the books Flying Saucers Over Los Angeles, The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro, NASA Nazis & JFK, Mind Control Oswald & JFK, and Popular Alienation discussed his upcoming book, Maury Island UFO.


Glenn Kimball

Author and Lecturer on Extra-Biblical Manuscripts

Glenn was the number one requested
show in 1998 on Art Bell!

Author of
"Hidden Secrets of the Crucifixion"
and "Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus".

For more information check out:



Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Chief of the Lakota, Nakota, Dakota Nation
and 19th Generation Keeper of the
sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe.

by request of Chief Arvol Looking Horse-
19th Generation Keeper of the sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse is Chief of the Lakota Nation, and 19th generation Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Keeper. He is a World Peace Leader and speaks on World Peace and Prayer Day and the White Buffalo prophecy. The prophecy he carries states that the White Buffalo Calf will return. In August of 1994, a White Buffalo Female Calf was born in Janesville Wisconsin, validating the prophecy he carries. Chief Arvol is in the responsible position of leading the people - all people towards Peace and Balance once again. As a member of the society for World Peace and Prayer, he has asked every Nation to declare June 21st World Peace and Prayer Day.

Prophecy of the White Buffalo

Recorded directly from Chief Arvol Looking Horse

"Long ago, 19 generations, a time when the White Buffalo Calf Woman came to the Pte Oyate or Buffalo Nation. It was a time when prayers were needed because of the sickness among the nations. During this time, the White Buffalo Calf Woman came to the people with the sacred bundle. Stories as told by our ancestors.

It was Northwest of the sacred Black Hills, a time when the people were camped, when they were following the buffalo and the buffalo disappeared. So as the people were praying for food and shelter, the people were suffering. Each day scouts were sent out to look for game or buffalo. One day, as two scout were coming back to the camp, they were sitting on the hill. From the West, they saw a cloud of dust, thinking it was made by buffaloes coming back. As they stood up to see what was to come over the hill, a young beautiful lady came over the hill with a bundle in her arms. As she was coming down the hill and up towards where they were, the two scouts started to talk to each other. One Scout said, "she's a beautiful woman. I must take her for a wife". His friend said, "no all of the people are suffering and praying. Surely Wakan Tanka or a Great Spirit must have sent this woman to us." Now as they were talking back and forth, she came closer to them and she approached them she pointed to the one with the bad thoughts and motioned him to come to her. As he approached her, a white cloud enveloped him. When the clouds lifted he was laying there as a skeleton as his friend watched him, from his hair, snakes went toward the four directions. And as he looked toward her she said, "go back to the people and tell them what you have seen, for tomorrow I shall return". And as he started to move back in steps and thanked her, he saw that she was carrying a bundle in her arms wrapped in buffalo robe. And as he turned around he walked back toward the camp and as he was leaving she said, " have the people prepare a place for me - an alter". So the next day the people got together an altar with cherry trees and sage and beside the altar stood a teepee in the west with it's door to the East. As the people were waiting she was coming down the hill singing some sacred songs. She came in a clockwise motion where the people were standing and went into the altar. When she laid the bundle down she said, "the red stone is the blood of your ancestors. the stem of the pipe represents the Root Nation. When you put it together and pray to the four directions, Great Spirit, Mother Earth you would come to know your relatives, and grandfathers. You would come to know your seven sacred rites of this sacred bundle and the way of life, the protocols that will with the sacred bundle." And as she looked towards Chief Buffalo Standing Upright she said, "when you pray, pray to your relatives through the sacred pipe, you try to walk upon Mother Earth in a sacred manner." And as she left towards West she walked on top the hill then she looked back and she rolled over and she stood up. The people saw a black young buffalo. Then she rolled over again and stood up she became a red young buffalo. the third time she rolled over and stood up she became a young yellow buffalo. And the last time she rolled over and stood up she became a young white buffalo calf. And she went over the hill as the young white buffalo calf. So the people said that this spirit woman we would call her the White Buffalo Calf Woman and the sacred pipe that she brought we would call it the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe.

Told by our ancestors and I am the 19th generation keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe. That sacred pipe was handed down through a dream or vision but stays in the family's blood line.

Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations) ".

Ralph Meany

UFO Photos

A native of New England, Ralph has had experiences and contact with
ETs since childhood.
He has been a member of MUFON for ten years and is currently a Crop Circle
Investigator in the State of Washington.
His expertise in photography and his
connection with ETs have given him the ability to capture information on film
unlike any other photographer.