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Bruce Lee First School comparison
Martial Artist Bruce Lee in front of his first martial arts school in Seattle. 1961
Original photo from Taky Kimura and David Tadman "Regards from the Dragon".

Announcement – Bruce Lee’s first studio confirmed as Ho Ho Restaurant building in Seattle.
by Charlette LeFevre


A recent photo analysis of Bruce Lee standing outside his first martial arts studio has been confirmed to be the Ho Ho Restaurant building at 653 South Weller St. in Seattle’s Chinatown/International District.

Recent articles speculating on the locations of Bruce Lee’s first martial arts studios prompted a review of information.  The Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore did a photo review of Bruce Lee standing outside his Weller St. school from Taky Kimura’s book “Regards from the Dragon” where three photos are shown of Bruce Lee at his “First School” on or around 1961.  Taky Kimura was one of Bruce Lee’s first students and became his senior student who continued his school and martial arts training for the rest of his life.

We believe Taky Kimura took these casual photos of Bruce Lee standing on the corner, inside the doorway and in the basement of what they considered and called Bruce Lee’s “First School” and the “new Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute.”

A photo caption of Bruce Lee standing on a corner states Bruce Lee is “just steps away from his very first Institute.”

The museum has positively identified the building across the street as 628 S. Weller formerly Iron Steak and Hing Loon Restaurant. The building behind Bruce Lee with its bank of eight windows, building trim, corner elevations and street grate match exactly the current building still on the opposite corner and therefore confirms the location of where Bruce Lee was standing just outside his first the Ho Ho Restaurant building.

Currently the Seattle Bruce Lee Fan Club/NW Museum of Legends and Lore is nominating Bruce Lee's third studio or dojo at 4750 Univ. Way for historical landmark status and is recognizing the first two dojo locations in the Seattle International District as the basement of the Ho Ho Restaurant at 653 S. Weller St. and the basement at 420 ½ 8th Ave. South currently occupied by Szechuan Noodle Bowl.

We note there may have been an address mistake in stating 609 South Weller as the location of the Ho Ho Restaurant instead of 653 South Weller/ We do not believe the restaurant moved so the photo of Bruce Lee photographed outside his studio we believe is the best confirming evidence.

Although Bruce Lee taught in many locations, parking lots, houses, parks, basements, the museum is respectfully recognizing what Bruce Lee and his students defined as a school or Institute regardless of the nature of the surroundings. We hope these locations are recognized and acknowledged and honored and continue the inspiring legacy of one of the world’s greatest martial artists who fought for equality.

Ho Ho Restaurant...Szechuan Noodle Bowl
First school location of Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in the basement of Ho Ho Restaurant at 653 South Weller St.
and second school in the basement of Szechuan Noodle Bowl at 420 1/2 8th Ave. South in Seattle.


Landmark Application Ceremony at Seattle City Hall

The Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore home of the Seattle Bruce Lee Fan Club is proud to announce the formal
application to nominate Bruce Lee’s first formal martial arts studio for historic preservation was submitted on Sept. 30, 2022 to the
City of Seattle’s Landmark Preservation Board in City Hall
The Seattle  Bruce Lee Fan Club and the Seattle Jun Fan Gung Fu Academy present the nomination to the Landmark Preservation Board in Seattle City Hall.

City Hall nomination  Group Waterfall
The Seattle Bruce Lee Fan Club, Philip Lipson, Charlette LeFevre, Asukaa Jaxx, Abe Santos, Mark Anthony and the Seattle Jun Fan Gung Fu Academy at Seattle City Hall's waterfall steps
reflecting Bruce Lee's philosophy of "Be like Water"


A presentation of the 40 page

Nomination Application

was presented on the preservation of
4750 University Way Apartments – site of Bruce Lee’s Seattle martial arts studio the
Seattle Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute and rare photos of Bruce Lee at the location.

Also presenting was the Seattle Jun Fan Gung Fu Academy

The University Way studio is where Bruce Lee developed his first formal martial arts school and is believed to be the one of the last remaining structures where Bruce Lee also lived.
Given the history and formal beginnings of Bruce Lee’s martial arts teachings at this location, the Seattle Bruce Lee Fan Club considers this to be one of the most culturally valuable properties in Seattle.

If designated as a landmark, the status will help preserve the property from demolition and help preserve the legacy of one of Seattle’s icons as well as further cultural and International relations.

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Preserving Bruce Lee's first formal Studio

The Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore, a 501(c)3 non-profit and home of the Seattle Bruce Lee Fan Club is beginning efforts to preserve and purchase the building and studio of Bruce Lee’s first Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in Seattle.

The first formal studio of Martial Artist Bruce Lee has long been recognized by students and historians at 4750 University Way in Seattle and is believed to be one of the last remaining structures where Bruce Lee not only taught his martial arts but where Bruce Lee also lived.

The studio has been listed as the “Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute” and Bruce Lee is considered to be the father of mixed martial arts.

The museum plans to nominate the site for historical preservation with the City of Seattle with the goal to restore the front to as close to the original 1963 martial arts studio with active martial arts classes to honor Bruce Lee’s family, students and legacy.

The museum’s efforts to preserve the studio for posterity so that others can be inspired by what is considered one of the world’s most famous Martial Artists and a global icon who fought for equality.

Front     Linda Bruce

Seattle Bruce Lee Fan Club

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Doug Palmer
Doug Palmer, one of Bruce Lee's original students recently visited Bruce Lee's gravesite.


Just published in 2020 is Doug Palmer's new book
Bruce Lee: Sifu, Friend and Big Brother by Doug Palmer at Chin Music Press

Check out the ongoing exhibit of Bruce Lee at the Seattle Wing Luke Museum

A Dragon Lives Here

Seattle Jun Fan Gung Fu Academy

Seattle Famous Four
Spirits of Seattle
Bruce Lee, Kurt Cobain, Frances Farmer and Jimi Hendrix
by Charlette LeFevre, a rendition from Edward Hopper's Nighthawks


Click here for
of Seattle Spirits and famous locations on Capitol Hill

Bruce Lee, Kurt Cobain, Frances Farmer and Jimi Hendrix
Famous locations on Capitol Hill where Bruce Lee started as a waiter, map of Lakeview Cemetery where Bruce and Brandon Lee are buried.
Where Frances Farmer lived, where Jimi Hendirx's statue is located, Garfield H.S., Where Kurt Cobains house is and Viretta Park which has become his memorial and haunted locations and more...

Bruce Lee Gravesite Nov. 27 2013

The afternoon sun shines down on Bruce Lee's gravesite on
Nov. 27, 2013 -  Bruce Lee's Birthday.
His students place flowers and candles on Bruce and Brandon Lee's gravestones.

Bruce Lee's Gravesite 2013

Bruce Lee's Gravesite
July 20, 2013

Michael  and Andrew O'Brian visit Bruce Lee's gravesite all the way from Ireland.
Dozens of visitors leave flowers to remember Bruce Lee.

Visitors say hello at Bruce Lee's gravesite, Nov. 27, 2011


 Developing a Bruce Lee wax head


Seattle Gourmet Coffee has launched a new Blend in honor of Jesse R. Glover Bruce Lee¹s First Student.  
Jesse Glover¹s (Bruce Lee¹s first student) original non classical coffee created especially for him. This coffee is bold yet smooth like the man himself!
Order some today. (click on label) Be like coffee my friend!

Bruce Lee Day Celebrated Sat. Nov. 27
at the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries

Charlette LeFevre - Seattle Bruce Lee Fan Club wishing Bruce Lee Happy Birthday

Bruce Lee, one of the world's greatest martial artists continues to bridge the East and the West, who fought for human dignity and is one of the most well known Asians who it is believed has broken more barriers than any other Asian in history.  

Bruce Lee lived in Seattle from 1959 - 1964, graduated Edison Technical School in 1960, attended the University of Washington for three years, was married in Seattle and is buried in Seattle. Bruce would have been celebrating his 70th birthday on Nov. 27th which is recognized as Bruce Lee Day around the world.   November 27th also marks the grand opening of the new location of the Seattle Museum of The Mysteries.  


Photos from Bruce Lee's Birthday Nov. 27th 2009, Lakeview Cemetery

Happy 69th Birthday Bruce!

Visitors David Chung, Ngay Tang, Taky Kimura, Kevin Lee Carmell

MMA Martial Artists Joel Jamieson, Akyo Nishura, Daniel Eng, Mizuno, Matt Hume (owner of AMC American Martial Arts Center), Tony Sablan

Marcos Coquinho, Akyo Nishura, Mizuno, Tony Sablan, Drew Dambreville, Joel Jamieson, Matt Hume, Daniel Eng, Mauro Brandeluero
Kung Fu Panda on Cake

Bruce and Brandon Lee's gravesite 2009.
Note green ninja turtle on Bruce's grave and little grey dragon sitting on top of headstone.





Photos from Bruce Lee's Birthday Nov. 27th 2008
Lakeview Cemetery
Taky Kimura and Friends at Bruce Lee's Gravesite. Taky Kimura is a first
generation student of Bruce Lee and continues to teach.

Bruce Lee had an Apple Spice Cake this year as it was also Thanksgiving.
Happy Birthday Bruce!

The Bruce Lee Foundation presented the
35th Anniversary Event of Enter the Dragon in Seattle

All photos from the event are by Charlette LeFevre
If used, please credit source.

The Memorial on July 20, 2008. Photo by Charlette LeFevre

Shannon Lee and her daughter Wren visit the grave site of Bruce Lee for his memorial.

Taky Kimura and Linda Lee

Taky Kimura, Charlette LeFevre and Andy Kimura

Perry Lee who owns one of the world's largest collections of Bruce Lee memorabilia in front of the new proposed Bruce Lee Museum.


Phoebe Lee, sister of Bruce Lee gives a demonstration with a sword of a rare form of martial arts her father taught her.

Shannon Lee and her daugther Wren - The Littlest Dragon


Some of the world's best martial artists and friends of Bruce Lee pose together for a photo.

Charlette and Jesse Glover - Bruce Lee's first student in front of a photo exhibit of Bruce Lee Seattle photos.


All photos from the event are by Charlette LeFevre
If used, please credit source.

Anyone who has additional photos of the event, please e-mail me at


Ruby Chows restaurant on Broadway - now a parking lot
photos courtesy of Michael Maikowsky

Bruce Lee at Ruby Chow's Restaurant on the corner of Broadway and Jefferson- now a parking lot
- one of the first locations where Bruce Lee first started demonstrating his martial arts.
Ruby Chow, at one time held the position of City Commissioner and the world's first woman member of the Chong Wah Benevolent Association.

Bruce Lee's first students
Ed Hart is on the left, then LeRoy Garcia, James DeMile, Jesse Glover.
1961 at DeMiles home. Likely celebrating a birthday.
It was Bruce Lee who was taking the picture.
Photo courtesy of James DeMile


Amy Sanbo
Senior photo from Garfield H.S.yearbook - and in 2007 reflecting on her memories of Bruce.
The mysterious stunningly beautiful Japanese girl Bruce Lee proposed to and wanted to marry
giving her his grandmothers ring.
Bruce Lee met Amy Sanbo at the University of Washington in 1960. Amy graduated from the Univ. of Washington and became a dancer and playwrite.

Amy Sanbo with dancer Karl

Stairs North of the University of Washington near Fluke Hall, believed to be the stairs Bruce Lee carried Amy Sanbo
when she hurt her foot.

Lonny Kaneko - Author and poet met Bruce Lee also at the University of Washington and often wient out together with Amy Sanbo and Bruce.

Bruce Lee Registration Form  Bruce Lee Registration Form detail

Bruce Lee's registration form Sept. 9, 1959 to Edison Technical School and detail.
Bruce indicates in his own handwriting a dependent. Does Bruce Lee have a child?

Bruce on his birthday
Nov. 27, 2007
Seattle, WA

Photo of Bruce Lee Nov. 27, 2006
Seattle, WA

Taky Kimura, Bruce Lee's senior student and friend
at Bruce Lee's Website on the 33rd anniversary of his death June 20, 2006.
Seattle, WA


March 2006
Hironori Tabata and Yuichi Onozuka, Director of the
Japanese Bruce Lee Fan's website
Wave and Spiral

Nov. 27, 2005

Group of people who visited Bruce and Brandon Lee's gravesite on his birthday, Taky Kimura- student and friend of Bruce Lee and Perry Lee- world collector at Bruce's gravesite.


Ghost of Bruce Lee on tombstone? You decide.
Check out Author Jefferson Davis's website at:


Bruce Lee graduated from Edison Technical School Dec. 2, 1960 on Capitol Hill - now Seattle Central Community College

Was Bruce Lee defeated by a Ghost?
(From Robert Clouse Bruce Lee-the Biography)
Ruby Chow's restaurant was known to be haunted. There was the case of a cook who saw a ghost in the basement and came flying up to leave his employer that day.
Ruby claims to have seen a ghost that appeared as a black shadow and pinned her down on the floor on her stomach.
She never again slept on her stomach. This same shadow grappled with Bruce as well. He told of being held down for several
minutes, drenched in sweat by the time he was finally released. This was probably one of the few times Bruce had been physically defeated.
There were other ghostly appearances in the restaurant, but none proved threatening. One cousin who worked for Ruby during
those years was jostled as she was taking a tray of dirty dishes to the kitchen.
A half-filled teapot tipped over on its side and its contents formed a perfect question mark on the floor.
Scoff at your own risk.

(one wonders if this incident was to later influence his life, his studies of philosophy and a strong reason Bruce Lee wanted to leave the restaurant )

Places Bruce Lee visited


Area where Bruce Lee practiced, demonstrated his martial arts and where he asked his future wife Linda Emery for their first date to the Space Needle.
Sylvan Theater at the University of Washington - visible from the road at South end of Stevens Way at 40th St. entrance to campus.
Right - Librarian Philip Lipson at the columns Dec. 2005

Bruce Lee's third studio was also at 4750 University Way. He lived in the back part in 1963.
Taky Kimura took over lessons when Bruce Lee went to Oakland in 1964.
Should this be historically designated? We think so!


According to Taky Kimura and Skip Ellingsworth's website, Bruce Lee also ate at
Tia Tung Restaurant

in the International District.
659 S. King St. Seattle,
It is considered Seattle's oldest Chinese restaurant, if not the oldest restaurant in Seattle having established since 1930.
Authentic Chinese
(their almond chicken is really good!)



Check out



Other Legends of the Northwest

Frances Farmer


Collector's card
See the museum exhbit for additional photos

Frances Farmer went to West Seattle High School and the University of Washington
At one time she lived at 312 Harvard Ave East which is believed to be behind the current Washington Mutual on Broadway.

Kurt Cobain


Lakeview Cemetery according to a Seattle PI new report July 3, 1995 refused Kurt Cobain's ashes stating....
Dean Mathiesen, Love's personal assistant, said, ``Their reason was that they already had their hands full with
Bruce Lee and Brandon being buried there, and they couldn't take on another celebrity."

Its been said he liked Count Chocula cereal and Fruit Loops.

Kurt's bench at Viretta Park and just beyond - the house where he died.
Viretta park is on the corner of 39th Ave and E. John.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix statue is on Broadway and was created by the record company it sits in front of.
He claimed to have a UFO sighting during Woodstock and a UFO encounter according to fellow musician Curtis Knight.
Stop by the museum to see a stature of Jimi Hendrix by sculptor Roark Congden.


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