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Transcribed from Coast to Coast with Art Bell: Note from consolidated encore performance
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Mel:=Mel Waters
Art:=Art Bell

Mel of Mel s Hole  Partial Transcript 1
Feb 21, 1997 

Art: Well allright I have got Mel on the line no thanks to all the Mel imitators, on the special Mel line. I finally picked up the phone during the newscast and called Mel 's number and he was just coming in so I ve got Mel on the line. Mel s the guy with the never ending hole
and we are going to ask him about it here in a moment.  
I've read that fax now twice on the air and I ve got alot of follow up faxes Here is one entitled  yet another mystery hole in Eastern Washington. Art you'll love this it was sent to me a couple days ago by e-mail and its all about another one on the Indian reservation in Colville where there is another mystery hole. Anyway we ll get to that.

Now to Eastern Washington, I guess this is Eastern Washington - Mel are you there?

Mel: Yes I am.

Art: Uh, first of all Mel thank you for answering, what are you doing up at this time of the morning?

Mel: Well after I sent the fax I m living in town here now because we had a couple of our buildings out there cave in after the big snows that we had out here last month.

Art: Ah yes

Mel: And so, thereby  goes some of the construction debris into the hole so..

Art: All right when did you discover this hole?

Mel: Well the hole has always been there, we ve been out there for a couple years now. and uh, the hole has been there since we ve been there - its been there since the previous owner was there -   the previous owner there was quite elderly and I d say he was there for a good 30 to 40 years before we moved in and then ..

Art: Wow, and so there has been a thing of throwing stuff down this hole for along time?

Mel: Oh yea, its been going on you know as.. for as long as the hole has been there I assume.

Art: Well nobody knows that I guess? All right how do you pronounce the name of your town Manastash..

Mel: Manastash

Art: Manastash, thats right thank you

Mel: Actually I m in...right now I m in a little town called Ellensburg.

Art: Oh, I know Ellensburg!

Mel: Ah then you must know about our rodeo then..

Art: Oh sure

Mel: Ok, well so,  we ve been here several years we just take all of our trash rubbish there - anything we have we have to get rid of we take it and just throw in the hole there, everyone s throwing there stuff in the hole.
The people from  around there throw all the stuff in the hole.
I mean its just been going on for a long time well, and  I got to thinking one day how come this hole is not filling up? It must be an awfully deep hole!

Art: Its a good thing to consider sure, as you throw stuff it it for decades literally.

Mel: And so, I used to be pretty close to a professional shark fisherman so I had a couple of huge fishing reels, went out there and started letting the line down I figured after one...

Art: Did you weight the line?

Mel: Oh yea, there s... in fact the original line is still down there, I ve just been adding to the line and keeping track of how much line I have used.  So I ve not reeled it in uh..

Art: How much weight is on it?

Mel: There is a one pound weight at the bottom of it.

Art: One pound weight.

Mel: One pound weight, Its a triangular one pound weight.

Art: OK

Mel: Uh, and so that s at the bottom of it at first...

Art: So in other words it would go down kind of like a plumb bob?

Mel: Exactly, exactly in fact I have it rigged across the center of it there and it goes straight down from the center there. And occasionally I try to move the line there but when you are moving that much line you really can t do a whole lot with it. But it seems to be.. its not resting against anything at this point here and it continues to go down freely. And so when I was out there earlier I let out a little bit more line.

Art: So you actually went out there tonight after I read this

Mel: Yes, exactly.  Well its not too bad out here right now its only oh.. 25 degrees so its not too cold.

Art: Have you ever heard anything coming from..any sounds or anything?

Mel: Well I mean the normal thing to do is kinda like yell into it there to see and echo and I ve never heard an echo come out of that thing.

Art: No echo?

Mel: At all and its one the first things I noticed about it. As usual I brought the dogs with me
they wouldn t go anywhere near the damned thing and they went back to the Suburban and hung out over there so... (laugh)  it was kinda of uh, I can know if I try to bring them there on a leash they ll just dig their feet in - they do not want to go anywhere near the hole...and so that..I just don t know. Its just...

Art:  Well you know you ve got miles and mile of...

Mel: Yeh, I think... Well I m measuring it by feet, I convert feet to yards so I don t know how many miles that is.  I m assuming its a fair number of miles though.

Art: Well 5, 280 feet is a mile so...You really think you got 80 thousand?

Mel:  Yeh, I get line in 5,000 yard spools and so I ve gone through that many.

Art:  Well you ve got a hole then that  goes... well you can t say the center of the earth
but you ve got a hole that goes miles and miles into the earth, I would think the University would be out there boom just like that!

Mel: Well my wife does work for a local University here and we ve been talking to them about it and one of the things is uh (laugh) they find it quite incredible that I ve let that much line  into the ground but uh that s what I ve been doing.

Art: Have you ever thought of winding it all back up again?

Mel: Well when I let out the first fifteen hundred yards of line I reeled all of that back in and I wanted to know if I had hit water down there because I thought that is alot of feet.

Art: You bet.

Mel: That s forty five hundred feet of line - did I hit water?  So I did, what I did was I sent down a roll of lifesavers.

Art: Lifesavers?

Mel: Yeh, so when it hits the water the lifesavers will dissolve.

Art: That..oh I see...very smart!

Mel: Its an old shark fisherman s trick there, we used to send our bait out on a balloon
attached to a roll of lifesavers and the bait would go out into the ocean on a tide. And then eventually the lifesavers would melt and the shar...the bait would fall to the bottom.  You know you couldn t cast a big ol  mackeral out there that far so...

Art: So thats what do you... you got any guesses?

Mel: I...I have no idea, I thought it could have been a mind shaft but the thing about it is the surface part of it has been has been very well cared for.  I mean  someone has built a very lovely wall around it  and uh...

Art: All right, Tell me about the nature of the side of the walls.  In other words you must be able to look down far enough at least to examine the side of the walls?

Mel: Sure, its stone for at about fifteen feet down.

Art: Yeh?

Mel:  And after that you know its soil, dirt and then further down rock. So, but I can only see to the extent of a really powerful flashlight. I brought Halogen lights out there to try to get a better look down there but the visibility really isn t there, you cannot see much after awhile.  But its a retaining wall, its about a three, three and half foot retaining wall and it goes down about fifteen feet and then its a..

Art: Well I ll tell you this much, no matter how powerful a light and I was even thinking about a laser when you are talking about 80 thousand feet, forget it!

Mel: No they should have some technology that can give me an idea of how deep this thing is. I mean obviously, the (laugh) old fishing line method is only going to go so far.

Art: Well what we need here  is a volunteer.

Mel: (laugh)

Art: Really, I m serious someone who would be willing to be lowered into this hole.

Mel:  Well to be honest with you I don t know if there is any air down that far. I mean...

Art: Well I wouldn t know about that either or its  true..

Mel: ...what kind of pressure we are dealing with these are things that are totally beyond my grasp in terms of you know knowledge about these things but ah...

Art: Do you own this property?

Mel: Its our property, yea.

Art: How long have you been working on this.?

Mel: Well we ve been out there for a couple of years - about four years now but this project of letting down the line thats only been since last summer here - Its been, well I said how come this thing isn t filling up?

Art: Well sure!

Mel: You know and I made, well I talked to the neighbors which are. ..You know when you are out there in the country your neighbors are pretty much far away but they all know about the hole out there..

Art: They all know about it so its like...

Mel: Yeh, because they all bring their trash out there!

Art: So the local legend of the hole.

Mel: Yeh, this could be an apocryphal story but  one guy claims he threw his departed  canine down into the hole
Art: Oh really?

Mel: ...and he swears.. well, the story is the guy that did it swears the dog actually came back to him. and

Art: Oh really!?

Mel: The story is that he was a hunter and he was out there hunting and he saw the same dog, he had the same collar, he had the same little metal thing on his collar there and he said it was the same dog and he says he knew he had threw the dog into the hole... now thats...
now that s not my dog!

Art: Its not your story but its a story of a resurrected dog.

Mel: Now as you can imagine this is all Native American land  around here and so one of the line of inquiries d like to make is there anything about this hole in regards to the Native Americans .. that is something I haven t really pursued right now but..

Art: If you had a fatal disease Mel?

Mel: yea?

Art: ...would you jump into the hole?

Mel: I would.

Art: You would? Just based on the dog story?

Mel: It is in my will..

Art: What?!  

Mel: ..that if I meet my demise..

Art: That you would be thrown in the hole?

Mel:  ...that I would be disposed of into the well.

Art: I m not sure the health department would allow that.

Mel: Well, one of the things that we.. you know I thought about  later on is that what if this is contaminating our water you know?  And uh, you know we ve had... I m sure you do this out there in Pahrump too is get your water checked all the time.

Art:  Well no personal offense to you Mel but if there was a possible contamination problem, I m sure your a clean guy but as you deteriorated, you would possibly produce e-coli or something horrible in the local water supply...if you were resurrected

Mel: Well, again so far it hasn t...we but the water in that area is absolutely pure water. It is a...

Art:  ...and so nothing thrown down all the old junk add trash, nothing has polluted the water?

Mel: No, I mean I can t speak for everything that has been thrown down there but none of that has been showing up in the water that people draw up from their wells,  the waters has been  clean as its ever been out there.  I mean we get water that comes off the Cascades or something - its really wonderful water.

Art: Mel, Mel, you wouldn t be pulling my leg?

Mel:  No, I m not and uh, I m of the reason went out to the property tonight other than  its just been weighing on my mind heavily, I was afraid that after I sent the fax out that there would be people around there because its ah...

Art: Well there may be but we haven t identified specifically where it is.

Mel: Well, Art as far as I can tell too many big holes like that (laugh) around and so it leaves the people in my neck of the woods are familiar with it and I kinda of almost expecting to see a small party of people.

Art: Well there may be now yea know I mean come daylight - there may be but remember folks this is private  property..this is Mels hole.

Mel: This is private - It is posted too.

Art: Oh It is? All right, well there yea are.  So  without knowing exactly where it is I wouldn t look for that to occur but there is going to be some substantial curiosity about it now Mel.

Mel: Well, I think I ve  let you know as much as I know about it I certainly want to find out more and I m mostly curious about the depth of it I mean how deep is the deepest hole anyone has ever found.

Art: Well I ve never heard of anything deeper than this.

Mel: You know I thought this maybe would be like Guinness World Book of Records type hole here and as far as things I  thought it would be like - could it have been like  an old mine?

Art: Well now here are a couple things to think about - I heard as you down into the earth Mel that it gets hotter. Right? Now you would think your fishing line with the weight on it at some point would melt or something but there is still weight on it huh?

Mel:  Yea,  yea the line is not moving freely, I mean its still falls under its own weight.

Art: Oh that s amazing,  let s let some the audience ask you questions.

Mel: Ok, I think I can do that.

Art: All right because I just might be missing something. Now West of the Rockies you are on the air with Mel who s got the hole in Washington.

Caller: Hello?

Art: Hello. Do you have any questions for Mel? Hello? Ok, well I guess that guy gave up.
East of the Rockies, you are on the air with Mel, hello.

Caller Hello? Oh you have a guest now?

Art: Well yea, I mean sort of.

Caller: Well I guess I was calling about something else.

Art: All right, well thank you. First time caller line you are on the line with Mel. Hello.

Caller: Mel?

Art: Yes Mel.

Caller: Oh oh, Mel Mel Mel, I wanted to talk to Art, I m on the wrong line.

Art: Yea you are.

Caller: I m sorry  thats the 222 line?

Art: One 222 is the first time caller line.

Caller: That s what I thought I was calling.

Art: Well thats what you got - but I mean we are talking with Mel right now...I m trying -  he s the guy with the hole in Eastern Washington.

Caller: Ok, well I just  have something for Art.

Art: Well call me back when we are into open phone lines. Wildcard line you are on the air with Mel. Hello.

Caller: Hi Art, this is Dave in Milwaukee.

Art: Hi Dave.

Caller: Hey I was listening to this and its very interesting...

Takes off from where our transcript stops.

Art: Yeh it is.

Caller: I just wanted to let you know. I looked up in the Encyclopedia and The Marianna Trench which is the deepest hole we know about. Art: Thatıs in the ocean right?

Caller: is 36,000 feet deep. Art: So, this is certainly over double that already

Caller: Right and it also says under mining that with current technology we can only go down about 1600 feet.

Art : Wow Mel :Wow. Thatıs Great! That is great!

Art: So youıve got something here that already qualifies for Guinness.

Mel: That is wonderful. Oh Gosh I like that .Thatıs great. You said 1600 feet? Caller: Thatıs what they said, 1640 feet it says with current technology. Is about as deep asŠ.

Art :Wow Art: Alright Alright Thank you very much for that information. So already we now learn that you may have a Guinness qualifying hole there, no question about it.

Mel: Gees Art: But I want to know, Inquiring minds want to know. I would think even if we had just someone go past the 1600 foot mark. To see whatıs down there.

Mel: that would be cool but it wouldnıt be me.

Art: You wouldnıt do it?

Mel: I wouldnıt go down in the hole Art: At least not while youıre still alive. Mel :No, yeh then I will but for the time being. No Art: I understand.

Art: Alright East of The Rockies, youıre on the air.

Mel: What if the hole broke? Art: Well thatıs true Caller: yeh Caller: Mel?

Mel: Hi Art: Where are you calling from sir ?

Caller: Iım in Austin, Texas Art- Austin, Texas.alright

Caller: You mentioned earlier that you would like someone to be lowered down into the hole.

Art : Thatıs right Caller: I would be willing to do that. Art-See, There you go sir, a volunteer

Mel: Weıve got a volunteer Caller: Obviously under certain conditions.

Art: Like what? Caller: Um just a cage for one Art: A cage?

Caller: Just in the event thereıs some kind of weird subterranean thing eating all of this garbage down there Obviously I would want to be in some kind of a cage.

Art: Well what makes you think that anything that could gobble up say a refrigerator Caller: uh huh wouldnıt get the cage? Well I would obviously have a very powerful light and Iıd be able to see at some point before its too late. Art So weıd have radio contact with you and we could hear you scream.

Caller:yeh yeh Mel: Sounds too much like ³Jaws³

Caller: Or an instant up button Art: An ³up² button? Caller: An instant up button On back up, You know like a high speed Art: And You could take a camera with you. Caller:Yeh Art With a light and show us everything

Caller: Iıve got a pretty adventurous nature to me anyway um so this um plus I have a very appealing draw to the supernatural. For some reason anyway. Just naturally in my personality Art: Well nobodyıs saying thereıs anything supernatural about this. But Caller: Well the dog story would indicate something supernatural. Art: Well thatıs true Mel-Well, my.. Everyoneıs dogs are scared of the hole, not just my dog. Art; Thatıs a very good point. In other words other dogs wonıt go anywhere near the hole, huh Mel: My dogs will follow me everywhere no matter where I go. Art: Except Mel Except to the well Art- Now you call it Caller: Is this possibly at a grid point on the planet? Mel: I wouldnıt know about grid points other than I know they exist.

Caller: Art do you know anything about the grid points?

Art: Well I know ..Yes thank you sir from Austin, Iıve heard about grid points but I would have no way of knowing where they are and whether this is one of them, I wouldnŒt know.. Now this is just a hole And heıs right and thereıs something a little paranormal about it when you consider the dog story. I tell you Art: First time caller line youıre on the air with Mel with the hole.

Caller: Art why donıt you have -somebody -I know youıre connected with someone thatıs got radar available . Radar would be the way to go to find out the depth. Art would Radar go down a hole? Caller: Absolutely Art-Without hitting the sides? Caller You donıt need a fancy radar to do it. Art: you mean like a .. ,What about sonar? No I guess

Caller: Sonar you couldnıt use because you donıt have anything for the medium to go through like underwater for Sonar, but Radar would definitely work. Art: In other wordsŠ

Caller: Iım just curious if you could call a government agency to come out. Art: But wouldnıt radar return a hit from the sides of the hole and bounce around? Caller-No no no no ,purely directional radar, like you use when youıre driving down the highway. Art: well you use radar.

Caller: Exactly Art: But thatıs out in the open. Thatıs notŠ I donıt know enough about radar to know if that would work but itıs a good idea. Caller-Iıve used it for years. Art: How about a copıs radar? Caller: Iım not sure if theyıll return an echo off of that, itıs possible. Mel It would tell you how fast the hole was going. wouldnıt it? Art: Tell you how fast Cute, Mel

Art: Wild Card Line youıre on the air with Mel, hello Caller: This is pretty funny, Good Evening Mel Mel: Hi Caller: (Barry): Good evening Mel, My name is Barry, Iım just a hop ,skip and a jump away from you down here in Yakima. Mel: all right! Caller: Iım awful surprised I havenıt heard of this before now. Art-Well now Mel hasnıt made this public as far as I know have you Mel?

Mel- Well Its just on my land Caller: I see Art: Wait wait This is the first public announcement of the hole. Mel: As far as I know thereıs no newspaper accounts of it, not in the Daily Record or the Herald.

Art :There will be now. There will be now. Caller-As usual youıve heard it here first folks on Art Bell. Caller: Before I get serious I just wanted to kind of lighten things up, here and ask if youıve considered making a contract with the refuse collection department ofrom Yakima County. Try to make a killing on that. Mel You know I read an article in the paper how they wanted to close down our local dump out here and I almost seriously suggested.. Art: Well hereıs another possibility for you, you know I live near an area thereıs supposed to be a high level nuclear dump now if this is really in effect a ³bottomless pit²

Mel :oh?

Art=-You may have something the government wants. Mel- So I could rent this thing out.

Art-Youıre damn right.

Mel: And move away as quick as possible.

Art: heh heh heh.

Caller: Anyways I wanted to mention here weıve got many many mediums of technology and the gentleman who suggested radar I think was on to something. You know say for instance if Guinness were to come out, theyıre pretty thorough in their investigation. Before they print you well anyways well. Maybe the way to go is have someone lower in a sensors package. You know something that measures for noxious gases, temperature, Iım sure they could focus a radar probably pencil thin and just hook it up to an endless supply of cable and lower it down. It would be awfully interesting

Art: Look id be interested even if we donıt get a hold of the guy from Austin, to lower a camera and a light down.

Mel: You know when I was out there this evening, its kind of of sort of a full moon out there and one of the things that occurred to me is maybe this has some sort of astronomical type thing.

Art: What do you mean Mel? (very serious)

Mel Well the how the various pyramids and things in Egypt are supposed to be lined up on various star systems.

Art: Well was it a thing like where the moonlight was shining into the hole>

Mel: No but I happened to noticed the full moon and I sort of put two and two together there.

Art: you never felt drawn to the hole personally have you in terms of ?

Mel : you mean in terms some sort of spiritual involvement ?

Art: no, suicide Mel ,suicide

Mel: No oh no, I mean I keep a lid on it . Its an attractive nuisance. You wouldnıt want local kids climbing on the wall and falling in.

Art :Thereıs no way of knowing whether people have gone in because thereıre gone.

Mel: Not in myŠ. Art: Down with the refrigerator!

Mel: Again if I can find out something from the local Native Americans. Oh maybe there was some sort of burial thing.

Art: And you can drop a big rock and you can hear it going down. probably bouncing off the walls or something abut you never hear a splash.

Mel: You never hear a splash. Iıve even taken like old television tubes picture tubes.

Art: Youıve dropped picture tubes down there.?

Mel :Yep, Iıve dropped ,I hate to say this here, but Iıve dropped more than one of them down there and I never heard it implode or anything, nothing.

Art :EPA- you probably shouldnıt say that on the air. Theyıll come and get you for that. I mean TV tubes. Mel: Well It is my ŠŠ

Art: It is your own property I know ,but these days Mel it doesnıt make any difference. I mean tomorrow morning youıre liable to wake up and thereıll be tanks and Boutrous Boutrous Gali will be there.

Mel :Thatıs true. Art: Alright East of The Rockies youıre on the air with Mel. Caller: :Hi, Sarasota, Fla, Letıs throw Mike from Las Vegas down the hole.

Art: Really? Caller: Yeh, heıs the cat.

Caller: I do have a question for Mel. Youıre a fisherman ,right ok, Have you ever felt a tug on the line? And If you did what would you do?

Mel: Uh well I donıt have a hook on it ,thereıs a one pound weight.

Art: Yeh but sheıs saying if something obviously was pulling on the line.

Mel: What would I do?

Art:Yeh Mel: I Š. Art-Iıd run, Iıd seal that damn thing up and never get near it again.

Mel: Iıd put the lid down on it at that point there and say thatıs it, the dump is closed.

Caller- At any time did you ever pull up the weight and look at it.?

Art: Yeh, I asked that, too.

Mel: Originally, the first series of letting down line when I got about 4500 feet. Down there I had a roll of lifesavers down on the bottom to determine if there was any water. down there and of course if thereıs water the lifesavers would melt, I didnıt do that. But since that time I let the line continuously go down Iıve just spliced onto the end of the line.

Art: Just trying to find out where the bottom is.

Mel: Yeh that was my main question. How deep is this thing? Where does it go? It goes into the earth but how far does it go before it will stop?

Art: Alright ,thank you Maam.

Art: I think that a light and a video camera. I mean Mel you could have a special as you got down past what did they say was the deepest hole, 1600 feet?

Mel: 1600 feet. Art; As you got down past 1600 feet youıd have a network special on your hands.

Mel: That would be good. Iım thinking about putting up a web page on it. Art: Whatıs his name, Rivera would come.

Mel: And theyıd lower him into the hole.

Art: Only if we were lucky

Art: West of the Rockies ,youıre on the Air with Mel, Hello.

Listener: Yeh this is Terry from Bremerton

Art: Hello Terry , oh up in Washington again, yeh, Listener Right, Well I was wondering how much does 15 miles of fishing line weigh?

Mel: I have no idea .Iım just letting that sucker go down. Iıve not reeled it in.

Listener: Well what if youıve already hit the bottom and you go ta pound of fishing line on it and you keep letting it down and youıve already hit the bottom.

Mel: I should weigh one of those spools because Iım getting them in 5000 yard spools. I should weigh the spool and deduct the cost of the spool itself and see what that would add up to in terms of how much that weighs. Art: In other words it could have hit bottom some time ago. And simply the pure weight of the lineŠ

Caller: Right Mel: It doesnıt feel like it s reached bottom. There Thereıs no slack in the line.

Art: But even so, there might not be with that much weight. But you know even if thatıs true caller, think about it heıs still got the deepest hole ever heard of in the world.

L: Yeh he does, but the weight of the line would keep pulling the line down.

Art: Yeh but there would be so much line down thereby then Caller: What pound test line is it?

Mel: Iım using 20 pound, I canıt afford to go much higher? Caller:: 20 pounds? Do you think have 20 pounds of line on the hole already?

Mel: Iım sure thereıs more line than that.

Caller: break by then?

Mel: Weıre talking how many 20 spools of line/

Art : there must be a lot of tension on that 20 spools of line on there and its still hanging on there, that weight continues to go down. I donıt know if thereıs a way of weighing that thing as it is.

Caller: I was just interested in how much the line would weigh.

Mel: I could probably do that, get one of those hanging scales and spring operated stuff and just knot it off.

Art: Why not? Its worth a try and the other thing thatıs worth a try, is although youıd be cranking for a long time is to crank it back up again.

Mel: I could just weigh like one spool of line,. Iım up to about 18 spools of line right now so It wouldnıt be too hard to get a weight on that.

Art: Alright and youıll report back to us on that.

Mel: definitely.

Art: First time caller line youıre on the air.

Caller: Yes Art: Hi, where are you? Caller: Iım in Bellingham, Washington,

Art: Oh Washington, again.

Caller: I was wondering what would, Mel said he had a triangular one pound weight on the end of the line. I was wondering what element is that weight composed of?

Mel: Itıs a standard lead fishing weight.

Caller: You were talking earlier ,Art was talking earlier about the heat when you get deep into the hole.

Art: I was speculating. I saw the movie with Pat Boone about The Journey to the Center of the Earth. Its supposed to get hot when you go down.

C: And also what about the magnetism?

Art: Youıre off into a territory I canıt answer.

Art: Mel, youıre going to contact-- your wife works for a university.

Mel: yeh, a local university, Art: Did she tell them about this and if so what did they say?

Mel: Well the people she talked too ,because I nag her about it occasionally ,say theyıre telling her ³you donıt have a hole that deep?²

Art: In other words they donıt believe her,

Mel No, no What Iım trying to do is entice them out there and bring something out there to measure how deep it is.

Art: Well Mel would you be willing to talk to newspaper people or television people? Theyıre crazy theyıd send somebody down there.

Mel: Well I know Iım talking to a lot of people on the phone right now and on the radio, but I Œm not sure if Iıd want to have a TV crew andŠ. Art: So youıre not sure you want that kind of publicity?

Mel : No I mean Iıd be happy like I say to put together a web-site on it and keep people informed about whatıs going on because Iım sorting of making this myŠ

Art: People would accuse you of going to the well one time too many.

Mel: Thatıs probably true.

Art: West of the Rockies, youıre on the air with Mel,

Mel: Hello. Caller: Hello there, That is absolutely amazing Art, this is Ken from Scottsdale.

Art : Yes sir.

Caller: One thing I wanted to mention, you mentioned about a car that had fallen from the sky.

Art: Yeh a Chevrolet. Caller: I recall reading about many many incidents in England and throughout Europe of raining nuts of many kinds Brazil nuts and hazel nuts.

Art : Sometimes it rains nuts on my program.

Art : Listen Weıre not talking about things falling from the sky right now , weıre talking about a hole.

Caller : Yeh I know it was open lines a minute ago, now youıve switched it. Art : Iıve switched it because we have Mel.

Caller :Oh, anyway as far as the hole goes, isnıt it possible it could be like an aquifer or something?

Art: Mel has not found any water, any water at all. He lowered lifesavers in and lifesavers came back and that was how far Mel?

Mel ::4500 feet.

Art: Four thousand five hundred feet and the lifesavers came back intact right ?

Mel: Oh yeh they were absolutely dry, they werenıt dissolved they were just perfect.

Art: Thatıs pretty definitive. A: First time caller line, youıre on the air with Mel.

Caller: Mel? Mel: Hi. Caller: Hi This is Conrad in Grass Valley and Iıve got tot talk about this whole well problem, If heıs putting line down the well.

Art: Wait a minute sir weıve got to stop this, because people are going to call it a well. Thereıs never been any water found in this hole.

Caller: A hole -If he started out with a one pound weight and he adds fish line to it then the amount of weight down the hole increases. If he knows the weight of the line on a per foot basis as he puts more weight down the hole -if he could measure the total strain on the top of the line he would know if any of that line was draped on anything. The thing is once he gets a fair amount of line down thereŠ

Art: Thatıs a good point.

Caller: the one pound weight on the end is insignificant.

Art : hmmm.

Caller: And it could be hung up on something or laying on the bottom or something and he would never know it.

Art : yeh but he put lifesavers down 4500 feet so even if what youıre saying is true this is still by a long shot the deepest hole ever ever.

Caller: Well that assumes its even that deep. The one thought that you had that I thought was very valid was the temperature as you go further down into the ground.

Art: -Well I think thatıs right isnıt it?

Caller:: Oh yes, of course, by the time its done 4000 feet in the ground the temperature would probably be well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Art: if the 100 ? Well the monofilament and the lead would certainly survive 100 degrees just fine. Youıre probably right. That is interesting.

Mel: I say weıve gotta put a person down there, a volunteer.

Mel:- Not a cat.

Art: No, Not a cat, no cats.

Art: But a person maybe like a media person one of these anchors from maybe one of the Seattle KOMO stations or something , lower them down.

Mel: Oh boy, Again Iım intrigued. Iıve been running line down there quite awhile. And I donıt think Iıve hit bottom. The weight seems to be hanging plumb over there, and like I say weıve been throwing things down over there for a long long long long time, and the hole has not filled up. Maybe its getting incinerated down there

Art: All right, and you would swear on all that is sacred to you that what you have told is the absolute unadulterated truth.

Mel: This is my hole and this is the truth about it.

Art: Its an amazing story, Mel. Who else besides your wife, the people youıve tried to talk to at the university and yourself- I guess your neighbors know about the hole.

Mel: Oh yeah thereıs probably a good, in terms not families but individuals thereıs twenty people who use the hole regularly.

Art: to throw junk into.

Mel: -Its always been done.

Art: Well I remember when I was a kid I used to like to throw stuff off bridges and stuff like that and into holes just to hear it hit bottom.

Mel :I never heard anything hit. If you hit the side, of course but if you just drop it straight downŠ.

Art: Straight down. 9 1Ž2 feet is certainly large enough so if you got into the center and dropped it straight down it would go straight down, Right?

Mel: You can just lean right over there and get it going straight down. As far as anything I could see visually with halogens and flashlightsŠ

Art: The light just what? fades away into blackness

Mel: yeh youıve got nothing after awhile. You can see as far as the beam would go and thatıs it.

Art: -Does anybody have any theories about you said, a dog was thrown into a hole, dead! and came back alive again, right?

Mel: The story is the guy was out hunting and saw his dog and he knew it was his dog. It had the same dog it had the same collar and the same tag and the whole thing.

Art: Oh man, Does anyone have any theories about what properties would be in the hole to resurrect the canine?

Mel: Gosh I liked to think this is something really benign like I mean cows have gone down there, I havenıt heard of cows coming back that would you know, but I donıt ..boy

Art: Its not the creator, well look um weıre out of time, Mel you get the honors from near the hole in Washington State tell em ..

Mel: From the hole, its good night to everyone from Coast to Coast.

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