Latest on the Legend and Mystery of D.B. Cooper

With the latest developments on the FBI case of D.B. Cooper the
Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore would like to stress the facts known about the suspect.

He drank boubon and water
Smoked Raleigh cigarettes
Had dark brown/black eyes
Wore a pearl tie clasp
Receeding hairline
Knew some level of aviation
Was likely familiar with the Northwest and Tacoma

Museum wax head of D.B. Cooper which we feel more accurately depicts his identity following witness statements. D.B. Cooper was said to have Olive complextion or a dark skin tone leading researchers to believe he may have been Latin American.
This wax head, as seen on Mysteries at the Museum was created to show the public a more accurate depiction of the suspect.

Latest sketches from Unsolved Mysteries show possibly a more accurate sketch of D.B. Cooper

Second sketch of DB Cooper from Florence Shaffner, airline stewardess in which she stated this was
a more accurate depiction. Florence noted the widows peak and the longer face compared to the initial FBI sketch.
It appears suspect Lynn Doyle Cooper does have a dark complexion, has a widows peak and significant receding hairline.

Ralph Himmelsbach, the original FBI agent who investigated the D.B. Cooper case
presenting at the museum in 2005.
His book NORJAK the Investigation of D.B. Cooper remains the best

source of information and details of the case.

Current area searching is Bachelor Island in the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge.